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Jackson, Shirley  Bulletin  1954 MAR  vi  (1919-1965) born in San Francisco; 1940 BA from Syracuse Univ.; her 1st story pub. "Janice," in 1937; has coll. The Lottery(1949); novels Life Among the Savages(1953) & Raising Demons(1957), with her husband Stanley Edgar Hyman, a literary critic
   One Ordinary Day, With Peanuts  1955 JAN  ss  lives in Vermont; has 1st novel, horror, The Road Through the Wall(1948); novels Hangsaman(1951), about Natalie Waite, a highly intelligent, sensitive, & possibly schizophrenic woman enrolled in an women's college; coll. The Magic of Shirley Jackson(1966)
   Missing Girl, The  1957 DEC  ss  her story "Louisa, Please," in Ladies' Home Journal, N-1960 EDG; her story "The Possibility of Evil" in PST 1965 DEC 18, W-1965 EDG; has novel The Bird's Nest(1954; made into 1957 movie Lizzie), based on an actual case history of multiple personality
   Omen, The  1958 MAR  ss  has fantasy novel The Sundial(1958); horror novels The Haunting of Hill House(1959; made into 1963, 1999 movies The Haunting), We Have Always Lived in the Castle(1962; 1991); colls. Come Along with Me(1968), Just an Ordinary Day(1997)
   One Ordinary Day, With Peanuts  1979 OCT  ss  1st pub. in F&SF 1955 JAN; see bios, "The Essential Writers: The Haunted Mind of Shirley Jackson" in TWZ 1984 JUL/AUG, & Judy Oppenheimer: Private Demons: The Life of Shirley Jackson(1988, 1989); see website
Jacobs, Harvey  Egg of the Glak, The  1968 MAR  nv  (1930- ) "afraid of flying, (he) wrote this story as a long farewell before one such flight"; his 1st story pub. in an sf mag. "In Seclusion" in NWS 1968 FEB; born in NYC, works for ABC-TV, has had stories in Midstream & PBY
   Wide World of Sports, The  1968 OCT  ss  has autobiography We Came Rejoicing: A Personal Memoir of the Years of Peace(1967); attended Syracuse Univ., in 1950s did PR work for the United Jewish Appeal, worked for the Village Voice, began working for ABC in 1958
   Dress Rehearsal  1974 JUL  ss  has coll. The Egg of the Glak and Other Stories(1969)
   Things Are Seldom  1975 NOV  ss  has book Mrs. Portnoy's Retort: A Mother Strikes Back!(1969), with David Martin; has novel Summer on a Mountain of Spice(1975), currently being adapted for the stage
   Three Comedians  1976 MAY  ss  he has scripted a number of PBS documentaries & many of his stories have been used for TV
   Where Did You Get My Number?  1983 MAR  ss  has novel The Juror(1980)
   Busby  1983 DEC  ss  in an editor's note in 1984 MAR(#5113), Ferman apologizes for "any possible embarassment caused to sf writer F.M. Busby by this entirely unintentional & coincidental use of (his) name" (in the title of this story)
   Man Who Came Close, The  1984 DEC  ss 
   Seymourlama  1986 JAN  ss  this story was bought & made into a segment of the TV series, Tales from the Darkside(1984-88, 92 episodes)
   Kitten Kaboodle and Sidney Australia  1987 JUN  ss  has novel Beautiful Soup: A Novel for the 21st Century(1992), a satirical sf novel of a man in a society that has repudiated individuality who suddenly finds himself an outcast(B&C)
   Toll Bridge, The  1988 MAR  ss  has associational humprous novel, American Goliath: A Novel of the Cardiff Giant(1997; N-1998 WFA); see his website at
   Goobers  1998 JUL  ss  Jacobs reports with dismay that some theaters have been trying recently to substitute Goobers with Planters or even M&Ms; "while this may work for an audience raised on disposable diapers, it will never succeed with true cinephiles"
Jacobs, Rivka  Milk of Paradise, The  1985 JAN  ss  (1952- ) born in Philadelphia; lives in Huntington, WV, where she got a BA in History, MS in Sociology & taught sociology at Marshall Univ.; 1st story pub. "Experimentum Crucis" in Saberhagen(ed): A Spadefull of Spacetime(1981); now writes fulltime
Jaffray, Norman R.  Cowboy Lament  1954 JAN  pm  has pub. numerous poems to the Saturday Evening Post (PST), mostly in the late 1920s, but also one in 1934 JUN 16, & 1958 MAR 15 (the latter incorectly spelled his name as Jaffrey)
   Thinker Needs a Wife, The  1954 APR  pm  1st pub. in the amateur publication Destiny
   Dual Cerebration  1959 FEB  pm 
Jakes, John  Crack-Up  1954 SEP  ss  (1932- ) also in F&SF as John W. Jakes; has Dragonard ser., novels When the Star Kings Die(1967), The Planet Wizard(1969), Tonight We Steal the Stars(1969); coll. of a ser. Brak the Barbarian(1968); novels Six-Gun Planet(1970), Black in Time(1970)
   Underfollow  1963 MAY  ss  was terminated at Ohio State Univ. as an English teacher when it was learned that he was writing sf; in 9 years he has written 30 books & 130 stories; works in advertising; has coll. The Best of John Jakes(1977); anth. with Greenberg, New Trails(1994)
Jakes, John W.  Machine  1952 APR  vi  (1932- ) also in F&SF as John Jakes(1954 SEP, etc); 1st story pub. "The Dreaming Trees" in FAD 1950 NOV; used many ps. incl. house ps. Alexander Blade & S.M. Tenneshaw, active in many genres, has several historical books pub. as by Jay Scotland
James, Henry  Friends of the Friends, The  1953 JUL  nv  (1843-1916) 1st pub. in Chap Book, 1896 MAY, as "The Way It Came"; has colls. The Two Magics(1898), The Ghostly Tales of Henry James(1949); novel The Turn of the Screw(COL JAN 17-APR 16, 1898) made into movies The Innocents(1961), The Nightcomers(1971)
James, Kathleen  Blind God's Eye, The  1966 MAR  nv  (1935- ) ps. for Joyce Carstairs Hutchinson, born in Scotland; 1st story pub. "Manhunt" in NWS 1961 JUN as K.J.; as Wilhelmina Baird has 1st novel cyberpunk ser. Crashcourse(1993), Clipjoint(1994), PsyKosis(1995); Chaos Come Again(1996); iv LOC 1995 MAR
Janifer, Laurence M.  Bag, The  1964 FEB  vi  (1933-2002 ) ps. for Larry Marks Harris(& in F&SF as such), reverted in 1963 to his old family name; has novel Slave Planet(1963); also in F&SF w. authors Michael Kurland, S.J. Treibich, Michael Goldberg; Janifer Knave ser. incl. novel Survivor(1977), etc
Janifer, Laurence M. & Michael Kurland  Elementary  1964 SEP  ss  (1933-2002; 1938- ) Janifer an agent for writers, & a performing musician; this is Kurland's 1st pub. sf story, as is a novel with Chester Anderson, Ten Years to Doomsday(1964); Kurland's suspense novel A Plague of Spies(1969) won an Edgar Scroll Award
Janifer, Laurence M. & S.J. Treibich  First Context  1965 AUG  vi  (1933-2002; 1936-1972) wn. for Steven John Treibich, co-author w. Janifer of the Angelo di Stefano novel series, Target: Terra(1968), The High Hex(1969), & The Wagered World(1969); Janifer has coll. Impossible?(1968), novel Power(1970), Reel(1983)
Javor, F.A.  Triumph of Pegasus, The  1964 JUN  nv  (1916- ) working name for Francis Anthony Jaworski; born in New Jersey, a U.S. Naval photographer in WWII; 1st story pub. sf "Patriot" in ANA 1963 AUG; has Eli Pike series of sf novels The Rim-World Legacy(1967), Scor-Sting(1990), & The Ice Beast(1990)
Jeapes, Ben  Pages Out of Order  1997 SEP  nv  (1965- ) from U.K.; 1st story pub. "Digital Cats Come Out Tonight" in anth. Digital Dreams(1990); has 1st novels ya His Majesty's Starship(1998 U.K.; vt The Ark, U.S. 2000), Winged Chariot(2000); see iv in INZ 2000 OCT,
Jeffries, Gregory G.  Independence Day  1980 APR  ss  ps. for Gary Jennings; story intro: "G.J. is an inventor & businessman who died in 2009 & was reborn in 1978. Perhaps reborn is the wrong word; Mr. J. was returned to this world a few years ago. Let him tell his incredible & fascinating story himself ..."
Jenkins, Powell Jr  Mouse With the Twisted Foot, The  1954 JAN  ss  his 1st pub. fiction; does chemical research for Navy rocket developments
Jennings, Dale  Gingerbread Man, The  1954 MAY  vi  (1928- ) 1st pub. fiction
Jennings, Gary  Myrrha  1962 SEP  ss  (1923-1999) N-1963 HUG, short fiction; Gary Gayne Jennings, born in Buena Vista, VA; studied with New York Art Students League, 1949-51; in U.S. Army, Infantry, 1952-54, as correspondent in Korea & earned Bronze Star; newspaper reporter 1958-61
   Murkle for Jesse, A  1965 JUL  ss  won personal citation from South Korea for work w. war orphans; has nf young adult books ser., March of the Robots(1962, robots), March of the Heroes(1975, folk heroes), March of the Gods(1976), March of the Demons(1977, demons, goblins, ghosts & witches)
   After All the Dreaming Ends  1969 FEB  ss  has nf books for young adults, The Movie Book(1963), Black Magic, White Magic(1964); edited mens magazines Duke, & Gent in 1962-63
   Next  1969 AUG  ss  has nf books for young adults, Parades!(1966), Personalities of Language(1967; rev. vt World of Words: The Personalities of Language, 1984), The Killer Storms(1970)
   Tom Cat  1970 JUL  ss  has nf books for young adults, The Teenager's Realistic Guide to Astrology(1971), The Shrinking Outdoors(1972, conservation of natural resources), The Earth Book(1974)
   Specialization  1971 JAN  ss  born in Virginia, now lives in Mexico, freelance writer
   How We Pass the Time in Hell  1971 NOV  ss  has nf book of Arizona gold mines, incl. that of the Lost Dutchman, The Treasure of the Superstition Mountains(1973)
   Betty  1972 JAN  ss  has novels The Terrible Teague Bunch(1975), The Rope in the Jungle(1976), Sow the Seeds of Hemp(1976)
   Sooner or Later or Never Never  1972 MAY  nv  1st story in his adventures of the Reverend Crispin Mobey series; Mobey might be described as "the inspector Clouseau of the ecclesiastic world"
   Cribbing  1976 DEC  ss  also in F&SF with co-author Mack Reynolds, & in F&SF 1980 APR under the ps. Gregory G. Jeffries, story title "Independence Day"(#4433)
   Not With a Bang But With a Bleep  1977 JUN  nv  2nd story in his Reverend Crispin Mobey series
   Lhude Sing Cuccu!  1977 SEP  nv  3rd story in his Reverend Crispin Mobey series
   Kingdom Come  1978 JAN  nv  4th story in his Reverend Crispin Mobey series
   Let Us Prey  1978 JUN  nv  5th story in his Reverend Crispin Mobey series
   Be Jubilant My Feet!  1978 DEC  ss  6th story in his Reverend Crispin Mobey series; Mobey is a missionary of the Southern Primitive Protestant Church
   Homo Sap  1979 MAR  nv  7th story in his Reverend Crispin Mobey series; has his best known historical novel, Aztec(1980), in which he "unfolds the story of the overthrow of the Native Mexicans through the voice of an amiable but wry adventurer named Mixtli"(CA, vol.59, p.196)

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