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Kadleckova, Vilma  Longing for Blood  1997 JAN  nv  trans. by Martin Klima(her husband) & Bruce Sterling; V.K. is a Czechoslovakian writer, has 4 Czech books, & has won the Czech Karel Capek Award; M.K. is a former physicist
Kagan, Norman  Four Brands of Impossible  1964 SEP  nv  (1931- ) a student at New York City College; 1st story pub. sf "The Mathenauts" in IFS 1964 JUL; many of his stories deal in some way with mathematics, "and tend to feature extroverted mathematicians as protagonists"(Clute)
   Earth Merchants, The  1965 MAY  nv  N-1965 NEB, novelette; has film books, The Cinema of Stanley Kubrick(1972, 1989), The War Film(1974), American Skeptic: Robert Altman's Genre-Commentary Films(1982), The Cinema of Oliver Stone(1995)
Kale, Bonita  Miracle in a Small Village  1992 JUN  ss  she is part of a group of writers in the Cincinnati, OH, area; has pub. fiction & poems in ABO, & in Aronica, etal(ed): Full Spectrum 4(1993)
   Annie's Shelter  1996 JAN  nv  now lives in Cleveland, Ohio
Kandel, Michael  Hooking Up  1999 AUG  ss  (1941- ) has PhD in Slavic languages from Indiana Univ.; has trans. from the Polish the works of Stanislaw Lem; has 1st novel Strange Invasion(1989), In Between Dragons(1990), Captain Jack Zodiac(1991), Panda Ray(1996); N-1991 JWCA; see iv, LOC 1997 MAR
Kanin, Garson  Damnedest Thing, The  1956 JUL  ss  (1912-1999) 1st pub. in ESQ 1956 FEB; playwright & director; author of play & movie Born Yesterday(1950); dir. movies Bachelor Mother(1939), The True Glory(1945), My Favorite Wife(1940), Tom, Dick, and Harry(1941); wrote 14 books, dir. over 30 NYC plays
Kearns, Richard  Grave Angels  1986 APR  nv  N-1987 JWC, LOC, STU, novelette; past staff writer for Gallery Magazine; teaches at Loyola Marymount Univ.(L.A.)
Kearny, Gene  Sweet Little Pool of Low-Cost Labor, A  1972 SEP  ss  ( ? -1979) Gene R. Kearney, majored in behavioral psychology at Harvard; wrote the screenplays for Games(1967), How I Spent My Summer Vacation(1967 TV), Night of the Lepus(1972; aka Rabbits); wrote/directed 7 episodes of Rod Serling's Night Gallery
Keen, Rod  It's the Queen of Darkness, Pal  1978 AUG  ss  (1918- ) ps. for Philip José Farmer, the 5th & last in Farmer's Pseudonym ser.; story title & author name taken directly from Richard Brautigan's 1970 novel, The Abortion: An Historical Romance 1966(see p.28); character Keen a sewer worker/sf writer
Keizer, Gregg  Unlike Cortez  1984 JAN  ss  lives in NC; learned to love mountains when he lived in Utah, dedicates this story to everyone who climbs; editor of computer publications; has book, The Family PC Guide to Homework(1996)
   Days of Miracles and Wonder  1990 AUG  nv  now lives in northwest LA, a publisher for a software company; story grew from his fascination w. the contradictions of S. Africa - the heartlessness of apartheid within a strongly religious people, the natural beauty of a country that suffers corruption
Keller, B.L.  Birdlime  1971 MAR  ss  (1930?- ) wn. for Beverly Lou (Harwick) Keller, former newspaper columnist & feature writer, now a freelance writer; born in San Francisco, CA; has 1950 BA from Univ. of California(Berkeley); has had short fiction & articles pub. in Cosmopolitan, ATL
   Out of Sight  1971 SEP  ss  has children's book ser. about 10-year old Fiona who is intensely interested in the welfare of animals(Keller is involved w. the ASPCA), Fiona's Bee(1975; selected a 1975 Best Book by School Library Journal), Fiona's Flea(1981), & Only Fiona(1988)(CA#57)
   Flora  1982 JUN  ss  has children's books The Beetle Bush(1976), Don't Throw Another One, Dover!(1976), The Frog Prints(1976; as by B.L. Harwick), The Genuine Ingenious Thrift Shop Genie, Clarissa Mae Bean and Me(1977), Pimm's Place(1978), The Sea Watch(1981)
   Cold Debt  1982 OCT  ss  has pre-teen Desdemona Blank ser., No Beasts! No Children!(1983), Desdemona: Twelve Going on Desperate(1986), Fowl Play, Desdemona(1989), Desdemona Moves On(1992); children's books The Bee Sneeze(1982), My Awful Cousin Norbert(1982)
   In One Ear  1983 JUN  ss  has adult suspense novel The Baghdad Defections(1973); books Consumer Skills(1986), A Car Means Out(1987), Cliffhanger(1987), Beam Me Up, He Said(1987); children's books Rosebud, With Fangs(1985), Camp Trouble(1993), The Amazon Papers(1996)
Kelley, Leo P.  O'Grady's Girl  1965 DEC  ss  (1928- ) Leo Patrick Kelley, a New York advertising executive; 1st story pub. sf "Dreamtown, U.S.A." in IFS 1955 FEB; has novels The Counterfeits(1967, as by Leo F. Kelley), & Odyssey to Earthdeath(1968)
   Coins  1968 NOV  ss  has novels Time Rogue(1970), The Accidental Earth(1970), The Coins of Murph(1971), Brother John(1971), Time: 110100(1972)
   Harvest  1970 MAR  ss  has edited anth. Themes in Science Fiction(1972), Fantasy, the Literature of the Marvelous(1973), The Supernatural in Fiction(1973)
   Travelin' Man, The  1970 SEP  ss  has novels Mindmix(1972), Mythmaster(1973), The Earth Tripper(1973)
   Sam  1971 FEB  ss  has a series of juveniles, Time Trap(1977 chap), Star Gold(1978 chap; vt Alien Gold, 1983), Backward in Time(1979 chap), Death Sentence(1979 chap)
   True Believers, The  1971 OCT  ss  has more juveniles in series, Earth Two(1979 chap), Prison Satellite(1979 chap), Sunworld(1979 chap), Worlds Apart(1979 chap), Night of Fire and Blood(1979 chap)
   Song  1973 FEB  ss  has more short juveniles in series, Dead Moon(1979 chap), King of the Stars(1979 chap), On the Red World(1979 chap), Where No Sun Shines(1979 chap), Vacation in Space(1979 chap), & Good-bye to Earth(1979 chap)
Kelly, C. Brian  Tunnel, The  1961 FEB  vi  (1935- ) working name for Charles Brian Kelly; has edited anth. series, Best Little Stories from World War II(1989, 1998), Best Little Stories from the White House(1992), & Best Little Stories from the Civil War(1994, 1998)
Kelly, Dan & Cleve Cartmill  Nor Iron Bars  1952 AUG  ss  (? - ?; 1908-1964)
Kelly, James Patrick  Death Therapy  1978 JUL  nv  (1951- ) lives in New Hampshire; attended 1974 Clarion Writers' Workshop; 1st story pub. sf "Dea Ex Machina" in GAL 1975 APR as by James Kelly
   Not to the Swift  1979 FEB  ss  "In the self-conscious 1980s controversy between cyberpunk & 'Humanist' modes of sf discourse, (Kelly) was located in the latter, but like most 'Humanists' he has disavowed the distinction ..."(Clute)
   Flight of Fancy  1979 JUN  ss  has 1st novel, in Messengers Chronicles series, Planet of Whispers(1984), in which near-immortal bearlike beings of the planet Aseneshesh hear 'whispers' which they believe to be voices of the gods & which help shape their culture(Clute)
   Fear That Men Call Courage, The  1980 SEP  ss  N-1981 LOC, short story; see Andy Duncan's article ""Think Like a Humanist: James Patrick Kelly's 'Think Like a Dinosaur' as a Satirical Rebuttal to Tom Godwin's 'The Cold Equations'" in the NYRSF 1996 JUN(#94)
   Cruelest Month, The  1983 JUN  ss  has sf novel with John Kessel, Freedom Beach(nv in F&SF 1984 AUG with Kessel, & stories in ASI 1984 APR & DEC, & poem in AMZ 1982 SEP; 1985 fixup), in which several characters find themselves in a world between reality & dreams(Clute)
   F&SF Diet, The  1984 MAR  ss  see this story's '2nd cousin,' according to Kelly, "Daemon" in 1987 NOV(#5741); has 2nd novel Messengers Chronicle ser. Look Into the Sun(1989), a young architect is recruited to travel to the planet Aseneshesh, being engineered en route to a native
   Last, The  1985 JUN  ss  has coll. Author's Choice Monthly #9: Heroines(1990); novel Wildlife(1994; N-1994 NEB, TIP; 1995 HUG, LOC), an sf novel of outlawed AIs in a culture that aims to program all biological variables(B&C)
   Rat  1986 JUN  ss  N-1986 NEB; 1987 HUG, LOC; takes place in future NYC; has coll. Think Like a Dinosaur and Other Stories(1997), title story in ASI 1995 JUN, W-1996 HUG; N-1995 NEB; 1996 LOC; made into Outer Limits episode, first aired 2001 SEP
   Daemon  1987 NOV  ss  N-1988 LOC, ss; Kelly calls this story kind of a 2nd cousin to his story "The F&SF Diet" in F&SF 1984 MAR(#5118); has "On the Net" column in ASI 1998 AUG-present; see his website at
   Why the Bridge Stopped Singing  1996 SEP  ss  has story "Itsy Bitsy Spider" in ASI 1997 JUN, W-1998 LOC; N-1997 NEB; 1998 HUG, STU; has coll. Strange But Not a Stranger(2002), incl. story "Bright Morning" written for this coll.
Kelly, James Patrick & John Kessel  Friend  1984 JAN  ss  (1951- ; 1950- ) the two met at a Boston convention & have since collab. on a number of stories, incl. Kessel's first novel, Freedom Beach(var. mags. incl. F&SF 1984 AUG; 1985 fixup); see their individual entries for complete bio- & biliographical info
Kemp, Lysander  Airborne Baserunner, The  1954 MAY  ss  (1920- ) his 1st book coll. of poetry, The Northern Stranger(1946); has trans from the Spanish, Octavio Paz: The Labyrinth of Solitude(1961), Mario Vargas Llosa: The Time of the Hero(1966), Carlos Fuentes: Aura(1975); edited The Conquest(1970)
Kenden, Leo  Jinx  1997 MAY  ss  his 1st sf story; lives in the Southwest; has held a number of jobs in the software business & has written in other fields
Kerr, Peg  Athena Keramitis  1991 FEB  ss  lives in Minneapolis, MN; attended 1988 Clarion; teaches English at the Univ. of Minnesota; 1st pub. story "Free Day" in TotU #2 1987; 1st professional sale "Curses" in AMZ 1990 JUL; 1st novel Emerald House Rising(1997); The Wild Swans(1999)
Kerr, Walter H.  Gruesome Discovery at the 242nd St. Feeding Station  1962 FEB  pm  (1914- ) edited book, Rye Bread: Women Poets Rising(1977)
   Communication  1962 MAR  pm 
   Mermaid in the Swimming Pool, The  1962 MAY  pm 
   Card Sharp  1962 NOV  pm  has coll. Countdown in Bedlam: A Portfolio of Paranoiac Poems(1978)
   Staresque  1963 JUN  pm 
   Attrition  1963 SEP  pm 
   Treat  1964 NOV  pm 
   Somo These Days  1964 DEC  pm 
   Illusion  1965 MAR  pm 
   From a Terran Travel Folder  1968 FEB  pm  edited book with Mary Swope, American Classic: Car Poems for Collectors(1985)

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