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La Farge, Oliver  John the Revelator  1951 FEB  ss  (1901-1963) anthropologist & novelist; President of the Association on American Indian Affairs, 1933-1941 & 1947-1951; has novels Laughing Boy(1929; W-1930 Pulitzer), Sparks Fly Upward(1931), The Enemy Gods(1937, 1975), The Eagle in the Egg(1949, 1972)
   Time Watcher, The  1953 FEB  ss  1st pub. in ?; has book A Pictorial History of the American Indian(1956), has colls. All the Young Men(1976), Yellow Sun, Bright Sky: the Indian Stories of Oliver La Farge(1988)
   Spud and Cochise  1957 DEC  nv  1st pub. in A Pause in the Desert(1935); has biography by D'Arcy McNickle: Indian Man, a Life of Oliver La Farge(1971)
Lafferty, R.A.  Man With the Speckled Eyes, The  1964 DEC  ss  (1914-2002) wn. for Raphael Aloysius Lafferty, born in Neola, IA; lives in Tulsa, OK; electrical engineer until he retired in 1971; 1st story pub. sf "Day of the Glacier" in SFS 1960 JAN; short story "Slow Tuesday Night," in GAL 1965 APR, N-1965 NEB
   Hog-Belly Honey  1965 SEP  ss  has 1st novel The Reefs of Earth(1968); novel Past Master(1968; N-1968 NEB; 1969 HUG), places Sir Thomas More on planet Astrobe, where he again suffers a martyr's death; novel Space Chantey(1968), in which Homer's Odyssey is retold as space opera(Clute)
   Narrow Valley  1966 SEP  ss  has novel Fourth Mansions(1969; N-1970 NEB); his novelette "Continued on Next Rock," in Knight(ed): Orbit 7(1970), N-1970 NEB; 1971 HUG; has colls. Nine Hundred Grandmothers(1970), Strange Doings(1972); Lafferty W-1990 WFA, Lifetime Achievement
   Camels and Dromedaries, Clem  1967 OCT  ss  has Argos Mythos series, in which a group of WWII buddies are treated as reincarnations of Jason's Argonauts(Clute), novels The Devil Is Dead(1971; N-1971 NEB), Archipelago(1979), Promonotory Goats(1988), How Many Miles to Babylon?(1989)
   World Abounding  1971 DEC  ss  N-1972 LOC, shfi; has Argos Mythos series coll. Episodes of the Argos(1990); has Coscuin Chronicles historical novels The Flame Is Green(1971; 1985), Half a Sky(1984; N-1985 LOC); More than Melchisedech seq. Tales of Chicago(1992), Tales of Midnight(1992)
   Three Shadows of the Wolf  1975 MAR  nv  has colls. Does Anyone Else Have Something to Add?(1974), Apocalypses(1977), Golden Gate and Other Stories(1982), Four Stories(1983), Heart of Stone, Dear and Other Stories(1983), Snake in His Bosom and Other Stories(1983), Through Elegant Eyes(1983)
   Thou Whited Wall  1977 JAN  ss  has colls. The Man Who Made Models ...(1984), Ringing Changes(1984), Slippery and Other Stories(1985), The Early Lafferty(1988), East of Laughter(1988), The Early Lafferty II(1990), Lafferty in Orbit(1991), Mischief Malicious(1991), Iron Tears(1992)
   Square and Above Board  1982 OCT  ss  has Green Tree seq. novels My Heart Leaps Up, Chapters 1 & 2(1986), My Heart Leaps Up(1989), My Heart Leaps Up, Chapter 9 & 10(1990); Sinbad: The 13th Voyage(1989), The Elliptical Grave(1989), Dotty(1990), Argo(1992), Alaric: The Day the World Ended(1993)
   Stranger From Beyond the Sky, The  1984 MAR  pm  see iv's in Walker: Speaking of S. F.(1978), AMZ 1983 SEP, American Fantasy 1987 SUM, Man from Tulas: Interviews with R.A. Lafferty(1990), INZ 1992 OCT(with an annotated bibliography), & article in AMZ 1993 OCT, & obit in LOC 2002 MAY, JUN(#496, 497)
Laidlaw, Marc  Faust Forward  1987 MAR  ss  (1960- ) born in L.A.; attended Univ. of Oregon; lives in San Francisco; also in F&SF with co-author C.A. Cador in 1981 AUG, Paul Di Filippo in 1993 SEP; 1st story pub. sf "A Hiss of Dragon" with Gregory Benford in Omni 1978 DEC, which was N-1979 LOC
   Middleman's Rent  1988 APR  ss  has 1st novel Dad's Nuke(1985), a sf satire of suburban life & Christian fundamentalism set in a near-future community effectively sealed off from the rest of the disintegrating USA(Clute)
   Demonstration, The  1989 FEB  ss  recently moved from San Francisco to Long Island, where he's working on his current sf novel Kalifornia(1993); Laidlaw wrote comic strip scripts for Creepy, & Vampirella; see entry in C.A., vol.119, p.188
   Uneasy Street  1989 SEP  ss  has novel Neon Lotus(1988; N-1988 DIC; 1989 LOC), which follows the cosequences of the reincarnation of a Tibetan Buddhist sage as a young girl in a highly technologized USA(Clute); see article on him in AMZ 1992 DEC
   Gasoline Lake  1991 OCT/NOV  na  post-holocaust story, "set in a future where the world has dried up & water is as precious as gold ..."; has satirical sf novel Kalifornia(1993), set in a future where stars' lives are transmitted directly from their senses to their fans(F&SF)
   Cartoon: Thinking Man's "Blob," The (B-Movies Remade for Discerning Viewers)  1992 FEB  ct  1st cartoon in his Thinking Man's movies series; has crime novel The Orchid Eater(1994), about Lupe Diaz, mutilated by a gang when he was young, he takes revenge when he is older & stronger on the person he holds responsible, his brother Sal
   Vulture Maiden, The  1992 AUG  nv  N-1993 HUG, LOC, novelette; story "based on the most current info I've been able to obtain about the situation inside Tibet today ... the Vulture Goddess is my own invention—my wish for the deliverance of the Tibetan people"
   Cartoon: Thinking Man's "Godzilla," The (Pretentious B-Movies)  1992 SEP  ct  2nd & last cartoon in his Thinking Man's movies series
   Terror's Biggest Fan  1993 MAY  nv  went to school in Eugene, OR, which was used as the basis in this story for the fictional town of Spencer, as well as using Oregon's music scene
   Black Bus, The  1994 JUN  nv  story written late at night after his newborn daughter fell asleep, "... inspired by the Grateful Dead & its cult"; has New Age satire/Lovecraftian horror novel, The 37th Mandala(1996; W-1996 IHA; N-1997 LOC, STO, WFA), about a New Age charlatan
   Dankden  1995 OCT/NOV  na  1st story in his Gorlen Vizenfirth series, about a bard whose right hand is made out of polished stone due to a gargoyle's curse, & that swallows more of his flesh each time he strays from his appointed task
   Catamounts  1996 SEP  ss  2nd story in his Gorlen series, an alternate world fantasy; has New Age satire/Lovecraftian horror novel, The 37th Mandala(1996; W-1996 IHA; N-1997 LOC, WFA), about a New Age charlatan promoting evil mandalas as spirit guardians(B&C)
   Curiosities: The Diamond in the Window, by Jane Langton, 1962  1998 DEC  br  The Diamond in the Window(1962), by Jane Langton(1922- ), a ya fantasy about two children, Edward & Eleanor Hall, who discover a "cryptic poem tantamount to a treasure map" in a secret attic room; has sequel, The Swing in the Summerhouse(1967)
   Total Conversion  1999 AUG  ss  has sf novelization The Third Force(1996), based on the CD-ROM game "Gadget"
Laidlaw, Marc & Paul Di Filippo  Sleep Is Where You Find It  1993 SEP  nv  features photographer & ghost-magnet Weegee; M.L.: "I got stuck in a dead-end trying to write about Weegee. I invited Paul to see if he could find a way to free up the story"; the two trying to collab. on a fantasy novel on the same theme
Lake, Paul  Rat Boy  1987 MAY  ss  his 1st pub. sf story; poet pub. in The New Republic, etc.; teaches at Arkansas Technical Univ.; poetry colls. Bull Dancing(1977), Another Kind of Travel(1988); novel Among the Immortals(1994), depicts Percy Shelley as a vampire; Walking Backwards(1999)
Lamb, Toni Heller  Happy Place, The  1964 JUL  vi  (1944?- ) her 1st pub. story; age 20, lives in N.Y.'s Lower East Side
Lambe, Dean R.  One Over, The  1980 JUN  ss  (1943- ) has BA from Whitman College(WA), & PhD in Biological Psychology from Duke Univ.(NC); an ex-professor, now writing full-time; has novel with Michael A. Banks, The Odysseus Solution(1986), an adventure tale involving aliens(Clute)
Lamming, R.M.  Ink Imp, The  1980 MAY  nv  (1948- ) N-1981 BSF, shfi; she was born on the Isle of Man, educated in Wales & at Oxford, now lives in North London; 1st story pub. sf "The Tunkin" in SFM v.2 #3 1975 as Robin Douglas; pub. 5 more stories as R.D. in the 1970s
   Unfortunate Incident in the Life of a License Examiner, An  1980 NOV  ss  has 1st novel The Notebook of Gismondo Cavalletti(1983; W-1983 Higham First Novel Award), set in 16th century Florence; In the Dark(1986), in which an elderly gentleman becomes reacquainted with passionate romance; see entry in C.A., vol.125, p.272-277
Landis, Geoffrey A.  Long Time Dying, A (A Love Story in Twelve Cantos)  1991 AUG  vi  (1955- ) born in Detroit, MI; has BS in Physics, BS & MS in Electrical Engineering from M.I.T.; 1988 PhD in Solid State Physics from Brown Univ.; research scientist w. the Ohio Aerospace Inst. & the NASA Glenn (prev. Lewis) Research Center
   Laboratory Procedure  1991 OCT/NOV  ss  lives in Brook Park, OH; 1st story pub. "Elemental" in ANA 1984 DEC(N-1985 HUG); has coll. Myths, Legends, and True History(1991); 1st novel Mars Crossing(2000); 1999 married Mary Turzillo; has website at; see iv in LOC 2000 JAN(#468)
Landon, Perceval  Thurnley Abbey  1949 FLL  ss  (1869-1927) 1st pub. in England in his coll. Raw Edges(1908); English barrister, playwright, journalist & author; has books Lhasa: An Account of the Country and People of Central Tibet ... (1905), and Nepal(1928)
Landsberg, John M.  Secret Mitty of Walter Life, The  1983 JUL  vi  co-editor w. Jonathan Ostrowsky-Lantz of sf mag. Unearth(8 issues) 1977 WIN-1979 WIN; mag. was subtitled "The Magazine of Science Fiction Discoveries"; mag. pub. several 1st pub. stories(Gibson, Somtow, di Filippo) & reprinted those of sf greats(Clute)
   Conditioning  1988 SEP  ss 
Lane, Joel & Chris Morgan  Feels Like Underground  1999 APR  ss  (1963- ; 1946- ) both live in Birmingham, U.K.; J.L. has coll. The Earthwire and Other Stories(1994; W-1995 BFA; N-1995 WFA); C.M. has history of predictive sf, The Shape of Futures Past(1980), anth. Dark Fantasies(1989), nf Fortune Telling(1992; 1995)
Lang, Allen Kim  Ambassador's Return  1957 NOV  ss  (1928- ) U.S. Blood Bank supervisor, at Indiana Univ.; served in the Army & Air Force; 1st story pub. sf "Machine of Klamugra" in PLS 1950 NOV; has pub. 12 stories outside of F&SF in sf mags. betw. 1950-1966
   Exchange Student  1958 FEB  ss  Lang has pub. fiction in AHMM, & Manhunt, incl. the anthologized "Final Exam" in AHMM 1959 AUG; also anthologized are sf stories, novella "The Chemically Pure Warriors" in IFS 1962 JUL, & novelette "Blind Man's Lantern" in ANA 1962 DEC
   Thaw and Serve  1964 JAN  ss  has novel Wild and Outside(1966), in which a U.S. baseball shortstop is sent to subdue a planet of alien musclemen(Clute)
Langdon, John  Man Who Could Smell Land, The  1951 AUG  ss  (1913- ) 1st pub. in Mast Magazine(U.S. Maritime Service magazine), 1947 OCT; John Franklin Coasten Langdon; has also pub. short stories "Hermit on Bikini" in Bluebook 1953 MAR, & "The Girls of Tombatoo" in Fury 1962 MAY
Langelaan, George  Other Hand, The  1961 OCT  ss  (1908-1969) French-born U.K. writer & journalist; has coll. of sf/horror stories Out of Time(1964), which contains the story "The Fly"(PBY 1957 JUN) which was made into movie The Fly(1958; 1986), and several sequels; he has pub. several works in French
Langford, David  Curiosities: "The Strange Case of Cyril Bycourt," by Ernest Bramah (in coll. Max Carrados Mysteries, 1927)  1999 SEP  br  (1953- ) Ernest Bramah(1868?-1942), created the blind sleuth Max Carrados series, in colls. Max Carrados(1914), The Eyes of M.C.(1923), The Specimen Case(1924), Best M.C, Detective Stories(1972); also created Oriental raconteur Kai Lung series
Lanier, Sterling  Whose Short Happy Life?  1968 MAR  ss  (1927- ) Sterling E. Lanier, & also in F&SF as such; editor & writer; did 6 years graduate work in anthropology/archaeology at the Univ. of Pennsylvania; editor at Chilton Books 1961-1967, before turning freelance & working as a sculptor & jeweller
Lanier, Sterling E.  Soldier Key  1968 AUG  nv  (1927- ) 1st story in his Brigadier Donald Ffellowes series, a series similar to Lord Dunsany's Jorken stories or Clarke's White Hart stories(Clute); 1st story pub. "Join Our Gang?" in ASF 1961 MAY
   Kings of the Sea, The  1968 NOV  ss  2nd story in his Brigadier Ffellowes series
   Leftovers, The  1969 MAR  ss  3rd story in his Brigadier Ffellowes series; has 1st novel, The War for the Lot(1969), a children's fantasy in which a boy is chosen telepathically to defend a tract from city rats(Clute)
   Fraternity Brother  1969 AUG  ss  4th story in his Brigadier Ffellowes series
   Feminine Jurisdiction, A  1969 NOV  nv  5th story in his Brigadier Ffellowes series

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