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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Lanier, Sterling E.  His Only Safari  1970 FEB  nv  6th story in his Brigadier Ffellowes series
   His Coat So Gay  1970 JUL  nv  7th story in his Brigadier Ffellowes series
   And the Voice of the Turtle ...  1972 OCT  nv  8th story in his Brigadier Ffellowes series; series coll. in The Peculiar Exploits of Brigadier Ffellowes(1972; rvw. in F&SF 1973 DEC)
   Thinking of the Unthinkable  1973 AUG  ss  9th story in his Brigadier Ffellowes series; has 2nd novel, Hiero's Journey(1973), & sequel The Unforsaken Hiero(1983) - coll. in omnibus Hiero Desteen(1984), a quest tale set in a post-holocaust world 5000 years after an atomic war(Clute)
   ... No Traveler Returns  1974 APR  ss  has 2nd novel Hiero's Journey(1973), & its sequel The Unforsaken Hiero(1983), both assembled as Hiero Desteen(1984 omnibus), set in a post-holocaust world 5000 years after an atomic war, protagonist Hiero searching to help rebuild things(Clute)
   Father's Tale, A  1974 JUL  nv  N-1975 WFA, short fiction; 10th story in his Brigadier Ffellowes series; has novel Menace Under Marswood(1983), set on a terraformed Mars(Clute)
   Ghost of a Crown  1976 DEC  nv  11th story in his Brigadier Ffellowes series; "frightful doings in a windswept Cornish castle"
   Syndicated Time, The  1978 JUL  na  the secret of time travel discovered by a seedy physicist at a Florida junior college, soon the Mafia is in the time travel business; has novel Menace Under Marswood(1983), in which human outcasts on 23rd century Mars are taught to rebell against Earth
   Commander in the Mist  1982 MAR  ss  12th story in his Brigadier Ffellowes series; series coll. in The Curious Quest of Brigadier Ffellowes(1986)
Lardner, Rex  American Plan  1960 MAY  ss  (1918-1998) ex-NYM staff editor, writer; a freelance writer; has books The Underhand Serve; or, How to Play Dirty Tennis(1968), Downhill Lies and Other Falsehoods; or, How to Play Dirty Golf(1973), Finding and Exploiting Your Opponents Weaknesses(1978)
Lasswitz, Kurd  When the Devil Took the Professor  1953 JAN  ss  (1848-1910) written in 1895, 1st pub. in ?; trans. from the German by Willy Ley (1906-1969); 1st major German sf writer, likened to Wells, Verne
   Aladdin's Lamp  1953 MAY  ss  1st written in 1888, 1st pub. in ?; trans. from the German by Willy Ley; novel trans. into English, Two Planets(1971, a much cut version)
   Psychotomy  1955 JUL  ss  written in 1885, 1st pub. in ?; trans. from the German by Willy Ley; in 1981, the Kurd Lasswitz Awards were created for the best German sf each year
Latham, Philip  After Enfer  1969 MAR  ss  (1902-1981) ps. for astronomer Robert S. Richardson, is used for his fiction, & his real name used for science articles in sf mags.(see F&SF 1955 DEC, #721); 1st story pub. sf "N-Day" in ASF 1946 JAN; most famous story is "The Xi Effect" in ASF 1950 JAN
   Jeannette's Hands  1973 JAN  nv  1st of 2 stories in his Bob & Dagny series, about a "hardworking, rational minded astronomer who is married to the Official Witch of California"; has juvenile novels Five Against Venus(1952), Missing Men of Saturn(1953)
   Drop of Dragon's Blood, A  1975 JUL  ss  2nd & last story in his Bob & Dagny series; has semi-fictional book Second Satellite(1956), & over 10 books on astronomy, incl. the juvenile Exploring Mars(1954; vt Man and the Planets, UK); in early 1950s wrote scripts for TV series Captain Video
Laumer, Keith  Combat Unit  1960 NOV  ss  (1925-1993) born in Syracuse, NY; has 1952 BS in Architecture from the Univ. of Illinois; served in the Army 1943-46, U.S.A.F. 1953-56, & then joined the U.S. Foreign Service; rejoined U.S.A.F. in 1960; 1st story pub. sf "Greylorn" in AMZ 1959 APR
   Hybrid  1961 NOV  ss  has 1st novel, part of Imperium sequence, Worlds of the Imperium(1962); others in seq., The Other Side of Time(1965), Assignment in Nowhere(1968), & Zone Yellow(1990) - the Imperium seeks stability of its timeline amidst complex parallel worlds(Clute)
   Founder's Day  1966 JUL  nv  has Jaime Retief series, the adventures of an interstellar diplomatic troubleshooter, colls. Envoy to New Worlds(1963), Galactic Diplomat(1965), Retief: Ambassador to Space(1969), Retief of the CDT(1971), Retief: Diplomat at Arms(1982)
   Day Before Forever, The  1967 JUL  na  N-1968 NEB, novella; Steve Dravek awakens to a world that is run by Eternity, Incorporated, or ETORP, through the use of cryotheses & cloning; has coll. Nine by Laumer(1967), novels The Monitors(1966; 1969 movie), A Plague of Demons(1965)
   Once There Was a Giant  1968 NOV  na  N-1968 NEB, nv; set on a "planet that was once inhabited by a colony of giants, only 1 left ... (&) the story of his bitter & moving conflict with a 'normal' man"; has coll. The Day Before Forever and...(1968); see his obit & apprec. in LOC 1993 MAR(#386)
   Garbage Invasion, The  1972 DEC  nv  1st & only story in F&SF in Jame Retief ser.; novels in ser. Retief's War(1966), Retief and the Warlords(1968), Retief's Ransom(1971), Retief: Emissary to the Stars(1975), Retief to the Rescue(1983), The Return of Retief(1984), Reward for Retief(1989)
Law, Warner  Alarming Letters From Scottsdale, The  1973 APR  ss  has been writing for films & TV since 1942, short fiction since 1968; wrote screenplay for movie The Woman in the House(1942); wrote scripts for the TV mys. ser. Checkmate(1960-1962; 70 episodes), TV ser. The Farmer's Daughter(1963-1966; 102 episodes)
   Gift From the Fakir, A  1975 JAN  ss  1st story pub. "The Man Who Fooled the World" in PST, in 1968, won an Edgar Award; most of his recent stories have been in PBY, incl. short story "Lincoln's Doctor's Son's Dog" in PBY 1970 MAR
Lawson, James  Heartwired: A Montezuma Strip Story  1992 FEB  nv  (1946- ) ps. for Alan Dean Foster, & in F&SF under his own name; 1st story in F&SF in Montezuma Strip series, which are near-future stories taking place along the mouth of the Colorado River(LOC 1992 FEB, p.57); other stories in AMZ 1988 NOV, & 1993 SEP
   Gagrito  1993 APR  nv  2nd & last story in F&SF in his Montezuma Strip series; has sf police procedural novel, under his real name Alan Dean Foster, The Mocking Program(2002), set in the high-tech streets of the Montezuma Strip
Lawton, Harry  Extracts From a Bibliomaniac's Journal  1952 SEP  vi  1st pub. story; bookseller
Le Fanu, Sheridan  Dead Sexton, The (Ghosts for Christmas: I)  1957 JAN  ss  (1814-1873) 1st pub. in Once a Week, Christmas 1871; Irish writer Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu; created the modern "psychological suspense" novel, Uncle Silas(1864; 1947 movie "The Inheritance"); see Michael H. Begnal: Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu(1971)
Le Guin, Ursula K.  Barrow, The  1976 OCT  ss  (1929- ) lives in Portland, OR; 1st story pub. sf "April in Paris" in FAN 1962 SEP(rprt. AMZ 1992 SEP); 1st novel pub., Hainish seq., Planet of Exile(1966), Rocannon's World(1966), City of Illusion(1967); see iv AMZ 1986 SEP, INZ 1991 MAR, Fear! 1991 APR
   Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight  1987 NOV  nv  W-1988 WFA, na; HUG; N-1987 NEB; 1988 LOC, nv; JWC, STU, ss; in Hainish seq., The Left Hand of Darkness(1969; W-1969 NEB; 1970 HUG; 1995 TIP), The Dispossessed(1974; W-1974 NEB; 1975 HUG, LOC), Worlds of Exile and Illusion(1996); see iv in TofU #18 1997
   Solitude  1994 DEC  nv  W-1995 NEB; N-1995 HUG, LOC; has novels The Lathe of Heaven(1971; W-1972 LOC; N-1971 NEB; 1972 DIT, HUG); colls. The Compass Rose(1982; W-1983 LOC), Buffalo Gals(1987), Four Ways to Forgiveness(1995; W-1996 LOC); several iv's in LOC
   Six Great SF Movies That Could Be Made Without Audible Explosions in the Vacuum of Space  1998 JUL  misc  Dick: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, & The Man in the High Castle; Le Guin: The Left Hand of Darkness; McIntyre: The Moon and the Sun; Cherryh: The Faded Sun; H.G. Wells: The First Men on the Moon; Le Guin W-1995 WFA, Lifetime Achievement
   Darkrose and Diamond  1999 OCT/NOV  nv  N-2000 LOC, nv; 1st story in F&SF in Earthsea ser.; novels in ser., A Wizard of Earthsea(1968; N-1987 LOC), The Tombs of Atuan(1971; N-1972 MYT), The Farthest Shore(1972; N-1973 MYT), Tehanu(1990; W-1990 NEB; 1991 LOC); coll. Tales from Earthsea(2001)
Leahy, Jack Thomas  Newton Said  1963 MAY  ss  instructor at the Univ. of Washington; has novel Shadows on the Water(1960), has had stories in The Kenyon Review, etc
Ledbetter, Kenneth W.  Outpost on Europa  1986 DEC  nv  an aerospace engineer, worked on Viking spacecraft at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, currently spacecraft team manager for the Venus Radar Mapping; has nf book w. Stephen D. Wall, Design of Mission Operations Systems for Scientific Remote Sensing(1991)
   Canyons of Ariel, The  1987 DEC  nv  was in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory during the Voyager 2 flyby of Uranus in February 1986, which prompted this story, about humans & aliens meeting on a moon of Uranus
Lee, Edward  Kalato  1954 DEC  ss  ps. for Edward Lee Fouts, mystery writer, lives in Oregon; has 1st mystery novel, in Red Blake series, Lust to Kill(1944; vt A Fish for Murder), & The Needle's Eye(1944), as Edward Lee
Lee, Mary Soon  Ebb Tide  1995 MAY  ss  (1965- ) N-1996 NEB, ss; born in London; has MA in Mathematics from Cambridge Univ.; MSc in Astronautics & Space Engineering from Cranfield Univ.; has lived in the U.S. since 1990; her 1st story pub., "Gift," in Strange Days #5 1992 FLL
   Universal Grammar  1997 APR  ss  N-1997 NEB, short story; 1998 STU; 1st story in linguist Janna Suzorsky and the Eridanians series; story inspired by reading Noam Chomsky: Language and Problems of Knowledge(1988)
   Monstrosity  1997 AUG  ss  N-1998 NEB, short story; story grew out of the writing workshop(the Pittsburgh Worldwrights) that she runs in Pittsburgh, where she lives; see her website at www.cs.cmu.ed/~mslee/hp.htm, where she posts information for new & would-be writers
   Ex Terra, Ex Astris  1998 MAY  ss  2nd & last story in linguist Janna Suzorsky and the Eridanians series; Lee lives in Pittsburgh where she works for a small artificial intelligence company(at www.cs.cmu.ed/~AUTON); has her 1st coll., fantasy, Winter Shadows & Other Tales(2001)
Lee, Michael  Stranger in the Green Chair  1991 APR  ss  fulltime freelance writer, has pub. in a variety of newspapers & magazines; lives on Cape Cod, & writes a weekly humor column for the Cape Cod Newspaper Group
Lee, Rand B.  Still Life With Doves  1993 SEP  ss  lives in Santa Fe, NM; Rand's father was Manfred B. Lee, a co-author of Ellery Queen detective novels, & a close friend of Anthony Boucher, & worked for Mercury Press during F&SF's "embryonic state"; Rand has pub. in ASI, AMZ & anth.
   Pearl, The  1997 MAR  nv  has nf book Pleasures of the Cottage Garden(1998); this story a shocking fantasy tale, but at its heart it's about what makes us human
   Green Man, The  1997 AUG  ss  freelance writer & lecturer specializing in horticulture & 'New Age' topics; co-editor of The American Cottage Gardener; president of The American Dianthus Society; this story dedicated to his younger brother Jeffrey, who died of AIDS in 1990, at age 35
Lee, Tanith  Red As Blood  1979 JUL  ss  (1947- ) N-1979 NEB; 1980 BFA, LOC; wn. for Tanith Lee Kaiine, from London; grew up enjoying the fantasy of Jane Gaskell(1941- ); 1st story pub. The Betrothed(1968 chap), a short story privately printed by a friend; 1st novel The Dragon Hoard(1971)
   Cyrion in Bronze  1980 FEB  ss  1st & only story in F&SF in her Cyrion ser.; other stories in ser. in Shayol #3 1979, & in Dragonfields 1980 SUM; see article "The Fiction of Tanith Lee" & iv's in Dragonfields 1983 WIN, LOC 1998 APR(#447), & Special Tanith Lee Issue in WRT 1988 SUM(#291)
   Wolfland  1980 OCT  nv  has coll. Princess Hynchatti(1972); Birthgrave trilogy The Birthgrave(1975; N-1975 NEB; 1986 LOC), Vazkor, Son of Vazkor(1978), Quest for the White Witch(1978; N-1979 BFA); Wars of Vis seq. The Storm Lord(1978), Anackire(1983), The White Serpent(1988)
   Paid Piper  1981 JUL  ss  has Tales of the Flat Earth seq. Night's Master(1978 fixup; N-1979 WFA), Death's Master(1979; W-1980 BFA; N-1980 BRG, LOC), Delusion's Master(1981; N-1982 LOC, MYT), Delirium's Mistress(1986), Night's Sorceries(1987 fixup; N-1988 LOC, WFA)
   Ondralume  1992 AUG  ss  has Castle of the Dark ser., The Castle of the Dark(1978), Anackire(1982), Dark Castle, White Horse(1986); Dancers at the End of Time ser., Electric Forest(1979), Day by Night(1980), Sabella(1980), Kill the Dead(1980; N-1981 BRG, BFA, LOC)

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