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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Leimert, John  John Thomas's Cube  1951 AUG  ss  1st pub. in ATL 1945 AUG
Leinster, Murray  Anthropological Note  1957 APR  nv  (1896-1975) ps. for William Fitzgerald Jenkins; 1st story pub. "The Runaway Skyscraper" in ARG 1919 FEB; has Bud Gregory series(TWS 1947 APR, JUN & AUG, & 1948 FEB, as by William Fitzgerald or Will F. Jenkins); coll. in Out of This World, 1958)
   Case of the Homicidal Robots, The  1961 AUG  nv  has Med Service series colls. Doctor to the Stars(1964), & S.O.S. from Three Worlds(1967), & novels The Mutant Weapon(1959), & This World Is Taboo (1961); novelette "Exploration Team" in ASF 1956 MAR(Colonial Survey ser.) W-1956 HUG
Leman, Bob  Bait  1967 JAN  ss  (1922- ) his 1st pub. story; born in Woodford County, IL; member of First Fandom(those who were active sf fans before 1938); served as an artillery officer in Europe in the Army in WWII; has 1947 BA in Political Science from Univ. of Illinois
   Industrial Complex  1977 MAY  ss  Leman, member of First Fandom, was most active in sf/f fandom betw. 1956-1967, when he pub. a fanzine 1st called The American Journal of Oculenteratology, retitled The Vinegar Worm, then Nematode, then The Vinegar Worm again
   Loob  1979 APR  nv  1st story in F&SF in Goster County series, which parodies H.P. Lovecraft's Miskatonic River Valley; besides the five in F&SF, one more story in the series is "Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming" in Charles L. Grant(ed): Shadows 10(1987)
   Change of Address  1979 SEP  nv  Leman's fanzine The Vinegar Worm(& its various other titles) was "completely written by me with ... mostly humorous, mostly essays, & sometimes a story. It contained quite a bit of parody & some satire"(from intro to his coll. Feesters in the Lake, 2002)
   Window  1980 MAY  ss  N-1980 NEB; 1981 LOC; story was adapted for the TV ser., Night Visions, in an episode first aired in July 2001; Leman is mentioned in an editorial by Avram Davidson in 1962 JUL(#1712), relating to an irate letter he received about Leman's rejected story
   Feesters in the Lake  1980 OCT  nv  N-1981 BRG, short fiction; LOC, novelette; 2nd story in F&SF in Goster County series
   Skirmish on Bastable Street  1981 JUN  ss 
   Tehama, The  1981 DEC  nv 
   Unlawful Possession  1983 SEP  nv 
   Pilgrimmage of Clifford M., The  1984 MAY  nv  3rd story in F&SF in Goster County series
   Instructions  1984 SEP  ss  this story was pub. in chapbook form in 2001
   Olida  1987 APR  nv  4th story in F&SF in Goster County series; he has written 15 pieces of shfi - 13 in F&SF, "Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming" in Grant(ed): Shadows 10(1987), & "How Dobbstown Was Saved" original to his coll. Feesters in the Lake and Other Stories(2002)
   Time of the Worm, The  1988 MAR  nv  5th & last story in F&SF in Goster County series; Leman's short story "How Dobbstown Was Saved," first pub in his coll. Feesters in the Lake and Other Stories(2002), was first sold to Harlan Ellison's unpub. anth., Last Dangerous Visions, in February 1981
Lethem, Jonathan  Hugh Merrow  1993 OCT/NOV  ss  (1964- ) N-1994 NEB, ss; lived in Berkeley, CA, now lives in Brooklyn, NY; writes lyrics for rock groups(Two Fettered Apes, EDO, Jolley Ramey, Feet Wet); created MTV character Dr. Sphincter; 1st sale was "The Cave Beneath the Falls" in ABO 1989 JAN/FEB
   Curiosities: The Unholy City, by Charles Finney, 1937  1998 OCT/NOV  br  The Unholy City(1937) by Charles Finney, which explores the futuristic city of Heilar-Wey "in a single evening from the perspective of 2 travelers"; J.L. has coll. The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye(1996; W-1997 WFA); novel Girl in Landscape(1998)
Lethem, Jonathan & Angus MacDonald  Edge of the Bed of Forever, The  1997 AUG  nv  (1964- ; 1959- ) A.M. editor of California Entertainment Review, has pub. criticism & articles; 1st pub. story "Dead Language" in MZoo #7 1993 JUL; see; J.L. has novels Gun, with Occasional Music(1994), Amnesia Moon(1995)
Lethem, Jonathan & James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel  Ninety Percent of Everything  1999 SEP  na  N-2000 NEB; a billionaire brings together a team to investigate mysterious aliens, called "shitdogs," that create piles of excrement topped by "jewels"; Lethem has novel As She Climbed Across the Table(1997), coll. Kafka Americana(1999), w. Carter Scholz
Lethem, Jonathan & John Kessel & James Patrick Kelly  True History of the End of the World, The  1995 OCT/NOV  nv  (1964- ; 1950- ; 1951- ) Lethem says collab. story "was hatched over breakfast in a hotel restaurant on the Sunday morning of a weekend convention. Had the coffee been stronger, you might not be reading this today."; see Lethem iv in LOC 1997 OCT
Letson, Russell E. Jr  Hag  1964 NOV  pm  in TOC, listed as Russell F. Letson Jr
Levy, Robert J.  New Horizons in Stickball  1995 JUL  ss  his 2nd sf sale; born & lives in Brooklyn, NY; has BA from St. John's College, MA in English Lit. from Oxford Univ.; teaches poetry workshops at Marymount Manhattan College; Exec. Editor at United Feature Syndicate, which produces the comic strip Dilbert
   Every Day Different  1996 FEB  ss  about story, "(at my job) there is a certain amount of repetition. Sometimes ... you stare at the computer screen wondering why something new & surprising doesn't happen"; 1st story pub. sf "Star-Crossed" in AMZ 1995 WIN
   Jack Stacey, A.S.B.R.  1996 APR  ss  a published poet, he has sold poems to most major poetry markets; has poetry colls. The Glitter Bait(1986), Whistle Maker(1987), Partly Green Till the Day We Die(1990), The Perfection of Standing Aside(1993), Chefs at Twilight(1996)
Lewis, Al  Fritz Leiber: Bibliography, A  1969 JUL  bib  chronological listing of his books, stories & articles
Lewis, C. Day  Antique Heroes, The  1957 FEB  pm  (1904-1972) wn. for Cecil Day Lewis, U.K. poet, mystery writer(under ps. Nicholas Blake), one of his sons is actor Daniel Day-Lewis; has Nigel Strangeways ser. of novels, incl. The Private Wound(1968, as Nicholas Blake); autobiography The Buried Day(1960)
Lewis, C.S.  Shoddy Lands, The  1956 FEB  ss  (1898-1963) working name for Clive Staples Lewis, U.K. author & professor, born in Belfast; has Dr. Ransom Trilogy: Out of the Silent Planet(1938), Perelandra(1943), That Hideous Strength(1945); see biographies by A.N. Wilson, & by Green and Hopper
   Ministering Angels  1958 JAN  ss  1st pub. in SRL, 28 MAY 1955; deals with same topic as Richardson article (#721) in 1955 DEC; has autobiography Surprised by Joy(1955); novel Till We Have Faces(1956), dark retelling of the Cupid/Psyche myth, which some consider to be his best work(Clute)
   Expostulation, An  1959 JUN  pm  has juvenile novel ser. in the kingdom of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe(1950; 1979, 1988 TV movies), Prince Caspian(1951) & The Voyage of the Dawn Treader(1952; TV movie 1989), The Silver Chair(1953; 1990 TV movie)
   End of the Wine, The  1964 JUL  pm  1st pub. in Punch, & in the fanzine Niekas; he died within a month of writing this poem, on November 22, 1963; has book The Case for Christianity(1943); last Narnia novels The Horse and His Boy(1954), The Magician's Nephew(1955), The Last Battle(1956)
Lewis, Richard O.  Docs, The  1964 DEC  vi  has Doctor Penwing ser.(AMZ 1940 MAR & AUG); has stories in AHMM, & in anth. Alfred Hitchcock(ed): Coffin Corner(1969), Best of Friends(1972), Death-Mate(1973), Having a Wonderful Crime(1977), & Happiness Is a Warm Corpse(1979), etc.
Libling, Michael  Sitters  1996 JUN  ss  lives in Montreal; his 1st pub. story; his 1st fiction sale was "A Bite to Eat in Abbotsford" in Peter Crowther(ed): Destination Unknown(1997); has written nf, promotion & advertising copy for 20 years
   Mosquito League  1997 AUG  ss  new to sf field, but not to writing; a former student of Mordechai Richler, he has written speeches, motivational sermons, commercials, ad campaigns, newspaper columns, & other nf
Liddell, C.H.  Android  1951 JUN  nv  (1915-1958; 1911-1987) ps. for Henry Kuttner & C(atherine) L(ucille) Moore collaboration; also in F&SF under K. & M.; also have collab. ps. Lewis Padgett & Lawrence O'Donnell; they were married in 1940; have colls. A Gnome There Was(1950), Mutant(1953)
Ligotti, Thomas  Last Feast of Harlequin, The (To the memory of H.P. Lovecraft)  1990 APR  nv  (1953- ) N-1991 LOC, WFA; 1st stories pub. "The Chymist" in Nyctalops #16 1981 & "Les Fleurs" in Dark Horizons #23 1981; has colls. Song of a Dead Dreamer(1986), Noctuary(1994; N-1995 LOC), The Nightmare Factory(1996; W-1997 BFA, STO; N-1997 LOC, WFA)
Lincoln, Victoria  No Evidence  1958 APR  ss  (1904-1981) Victoria Endicott Lincoln, born in Fall River, MA; knew Lizzie Borden & wrote novel A Private Disgrace: Lizzie Borden by Daylight(1967; W-EDG); wrote historical novels like February Hill(1934), & nf; pub. in Vogue, Good Housekeeping, Glamour
Lindner, Robert  Jet-Propelled Couch, The  1956 JAN  ar  (1914-1956) 1st pub. in The Jet-Propelled Couch and Other True Psychoanalytical Tales(1955; vt The Fifty-Minute Hour); psychoanalyst & prison psychologist; author of Rebel Without a Cause: The Hypnoanalysis of a Criminal Psychopath(nf, 1944)
Lindsay, Dan  Beatnik Werewolf, The  1960 DEC  ss 
Linklater, Eric  Sealskin Trousers  1952 APR  ss  (1899-1974) 1st pub. in coll. Sealskin Trousers(1947); Scottish writer, has novels The Impregnable Women(1938), A Spell for Old Bones(1950), Mr. Byculla(1951), A Terrible Freedom(1966); colls. God Likes Them Plain(1935), A Sociable Plover(1957)
Linzner, Gordon  Sand  1982 MAY  ss  (1949- ) lives in NY; pub. of small-press sf mag. Space and Time(S&T) 1966 SPR-present; used ps. Irene Anfleming for a story in S&T 1967 FLL; 1st novel vampire horror, The Spy Who Drank Blood(1985)
   Lunatic, The  1983 DEC  ss  has horror novels The Oni(1986), about a Japanese demon accidentally released who leaves mutilated corpses behind him, & about a woman who has learned the key to its destruction; The Troupe(1988)
Lipsky, Eleazar  Snitkin's Law  1959 FEB  ss  (1911-1993) former asst. district attorney in New York, lawyer; 1st novel The Kiss of Death(1947; 1947, 1995 movies); The People Against O'Hara(1950; 1951 movie), Lincoln McKeever(1953), The Scientists(1959), The Devil's Daughter(1969), Malpractice(1971)
Lipsyte, Robert M. & Thomas Rogers  Redman  1964 AUG  ss  (1938- ; ? - ? ) Lipsyte assisted comedian Dick Gregory with the latter's autobiography, Nigger: An Autobiography(1964)
Littlefield, Henry M.  Dharma  1972 JAN  pm 
Locke, David M.  Power of the Sentence, The  1971 APR  ss  (1929- ) has a PhD in chemistry; has nf book Enzymes: The Agents of Life(1969); an editor with a major encyclopedia
London, Jack  Angry Mammoth, The  1959 MAY  ss  (1876-1916) 1st pub. in COL, 12 JAN 1901, as "A Relic of the Pliocene"; working name for John Griffith London, has sf novels Before Adam(1906), The Star Rover(1915), The Scarlet Plague(London Mag., in 1912; 1914); coll. In Curious Fragments(1975)
   Thousand Deaths, A (Special Reprint Feature)  1967 SEP  ss  1st pub. in The Black Cat, 1899 MAY; one of the first stories that London sold, for $40.00; he was 23 & had made his commitment to writing, but until this sale was "at the end of my tether ... ready to go back to coal shoveling or ahead to suicide"
Long  Cartoon: 500th Channel, The  1995 JUL  ct  Bill Long; "started cartooning in 1989, (his) first that year (was) to The Saturday Evening Post"; since then his work has been pub. in Barron's, Bostonia, Brandweek, Cincinnati, EQMM, Esquire, Folio, Natural History, Spy, USA Weekend, etc.
   Cartoon: Medical Curiousities pl. IV  1995 AUG  ct  his cartoons have also been pub. on various pieces of merchandise, mostly calendars & t-shirts

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