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Lory, Robert  Locator, The  1968 FEB  ss  has sf novels Identity Seven(1974) & The Thirteen Bracelets(1974); has Horrorscope sequence novels The Green Flames of Aries(1974), The Revenge of Taurus(1974), The Curse of Leo(1974), & Gemini Smile, Gemini Kill(1975)
   Kite: Yellow and Green  1973 JAN  ss  works as a public relations advisor to a large organization on matters Far East; has sf novels Identity Seven(1974), & The Thirteen Bracelets(1974)
Lovecraft, H.P. & August Derleth  Lamp of Alhazred, The  1957 OCT  ss  (1890-1937; 1909-1971) to be pub. in The Survivor(1957), in which Derleth creates a character based on his memory of H.P.L.; H(oward) P(hillips) Lovecraft, 1st story pub. novel Herbert West Reanimator(1922 serial; 1977 chap); see
Lovin, Roger Robert  Cobbler, The  1987 DEC  nv  (1941- ) lives in New Orleans, LA; a former newspaperman, publisher of the south's first alternate newspaper, The Word, writer for the Los Angeles Free Press, the Los Angeles Times, the New Orleans Times Picayune, & the New York Times
   Where Do We Go When We Sleep?  1989 SEP  nv 
   Sylwann's Choice  1990 JUN  nv 
Lowe, Rodger  Who's Counting  1955 MAY  vi  his 1st pub. story
Lowndes, Robert A.W.  James Blish: Profile  1972 APR  bio  (1916-1998) Lowndes, as editor of FUT & SFQ, pub. some of Blish's early work in the 1940s; more recently Lowndes was editor of The Mag. of Horror, & Famous Science Fiction; at times Lowndes was Blish's editor, roommate, fellow Futurian, collaborator
Loy, Robert  Sing a Song of Sixpence a Bottle Full of Rye  1999 JUN  ss  lives in South Carolina, a police officer for the Ports Authority; has pub. 14 stories in AHMM between 1985 FEB & 1996 JUL, incl. stories about childhood demons, superheroes, & the land of Oz
Lubkin, David  "As a Color, Shade of Purple-Grey"  1980 MAR  vi 
Lucas, Jon  Repeat Business  1969 JUN  ss  his 1st pub. story; 1958 graduate of California Maritime Academy
   Self-Priming Solid-State Electronic Chicken, The  1970 AUG  ss 
Ludwig, Edward W.  Occupation  1953 MAY  ss  (1920-1990) writer, editor & publisher; has novel The Mask of John Culon(1970), in which the protagonist awakens from suspended animation to a dystopia dominated by a repressive religion(Clute); coll. The 7 Shapes of Solomon Bean(1983)
Lumley, Brian  Haggopian  1973 JUN  nv  (1937- ) born in Horden, England; ex-Sgt. Royal Military Police; pub. Lovecraftian fiction in ARKC 1968-71, in his 1st coll. The Caller of the Black(1971); has 1st 2 novels Beneath the Moors(1974), The Burrowers Beneath(1974), both Lovecraftian
   No Way Home  1975 SEP  ss  has occult detective Titus Crow ser. The Transition of Titus Crow(1975), The Clock of Dreams(1978), Spawns of the Winds(1978), In the Moons of Borea(1979); Psychomech trilogy, Psychomech(1984), Psychosphere(1984), Psychamok(1985); Demogorgon(1987)
   Born of the Winds  1975 DEC  na  N-1976 WFA, short fiction; "set in northern Canada, ... an American meteorologist ... ventures out into the snows to confront terrors both natural & supernatural"; has Necroscope ser., Necroscope(1986), II(1988), III(1989), IV(1990), V(1991)
   Sun, the Sea, and the Silent Scream, The  1988 MAR  nv  has sword & sorcery Dreamlands ser., Hero of Dreams(1986), Ship of Dreams(1986), Mad Moon of Dreams(1987), Elysia: The Coming of Cthulhu(1989), Iced on Aran and Other Dreamquests(1990); colls. Ghoul Warning(1998), A Coven of Vampire(1998)
Lupoff, Richard  With the Evening News  1975 FEB  ss  also in F&SF as Richard A. Lupoff; edited anth. What If? #1: Stories That Should Have Won the Hugo(1980), What If? #2(1981); has Twin Planet ser. Circumpolar!(1984), Countersolar!(1986); Sun's End seq. Sun's End(1984), Galaxy's End(1988)
Lupoff, Richard A.  Wizard of Atala, The  1970 APR  ss  (1935- ) born in NYC, lives in Poughkeepsie, wrote films for IBM, full-time writer since 1970; active in sf fandom, co-edited fanzine Xero(1960-63) w. wife Pat, W-1963 HUG, best fanzine; has book, comics nf from Xero, All Color for a Dime(1970; 1997)
   Time Dog  1970 NOV  ss  has nf books Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master of Adventure(1965; rev. 1968; rev. 1975), Barsoom: Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Martian Vision(1976); has fiction book The Case of the Doctor Who Had No Business ...(1966 chap), a recursive tale with Burroughs
   12:01 P.M.  1973 DEC  ss  has 1st novel One Million Centuries(1967; rev. 1981), another recursive tale involving Burroughs; has coll. of parodies, The Ova Hamlet Papers(FAN 1970-76 as by Ova Hamlet; 1979 chap), w. some of these parodies in fixup novel Sacred Locomotive Files(1971)
   Whatever Happened to Nick Neptune?  1974 JUN  nv  N-1975 LOC, novelette; teaches an sf course for the inmates at San Quentin; edited books The Reader's Guide to Barsoom and Amtor(1963 chap), The Comic-Book Book(1973 w. Don Thompson); has novels Into the Aether(1974), The Triune Man(1976)
   Documents in the Case of Elizabeth Akeley  1982 MAR  nv  has novels The Crack in the Sky(1976), Lisa Kane(1976), Sword of the Demon(1977; N-1977 NEB; 1978 LOC), Space War Blues(1978 fixup); Buck Rogers series, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century(1978), That Man on Beta(1979), as by Addison E. Steele
   Mr. Tindle  1989 APR  ss  has Twin Planets ser., Circumpolar!(1984; N-1985 LOC), Countersolar!(1987); Sun's End ser., Sun's End(1984), Galaxy's End(1988); Lovecraft's Book(1985), The Comic Book Killer(1988), The Cover Girl Killer(1995); coll. Before... 12:01... After(1996)
   Curiosities: Away From the Here and Now, by Clare Winger Harris, 1947  1998 JUL  br  Clare Winger Harris (1891-1968), the first woman to write sf stories for the sf magazines; 1st sf story pub. "The Runaway World" in WRT 1926 JUL; her stories were coll. in Away From the Here and Now(1947)
Lynch, Harold Jr  Artists at Work  1952 JUN  ss  1st pub. story; Harold 'Hal' Lynch was the initiator of the Hugo Award
Lynn, Elizabeth A.  Island, The  1977 NOV  ss  (1946- ) 1st story pub. sf "We All Have to Go" in Schochet & Silbersack: The Berkley Showcase(1976); has novels A Different Light(1978), The Sardonyx Net(1981); coll. The Woman Who Loved the Moon(1981); Chronicles of Tornor seq. incl. Watchtower(1979)
Lyon, Dana  Mr. Elsie Smith  1953 MAY  vi  (1897-1982) her 1st fantasy ss, usually a mys. novelist; wn. for Mabel Dana Lyons; has novels Retaliation(1934), It's My Own Funeral(1944), The Frightened Child(1948; 1951 movie The House on Telegraph Hill), The Tentacles(1950), The Trusting Victim(1964)

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