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Nadler, M.  Cartoon: In the Land of the Lillipuncturists  1995 SEP  ct  working name for Mary Nadler; born & raised in Saranac Lake, NY; lives in Los Angeles; has BA in English Literature; has taken numerous art courses at various colleges & art schools; 1st cartoon sale was to Good Housekeeping in 1994
   Cartoon  1996 OCT/NOV  ct  has illus. the books Christopher Biffle: A Journey Through Your Childhood: A Write-in Guide for Reliving Your Past, Clarifying Your Present, and Charting Your Future(1989), and Allyson Stewart-Allen & Lanie Denslow: Working with Americans(2002)
   Cartoon  1998 FEB  ct  draws with pencil/pen & paper, using watercolors & carbon or pastel pencils to finish inked drawings; uses a Mac computer for scanning cartoons into Photoshop; also been pub. in Reader's Digest, Barron's, SEP, American Scientist, USA Weekend, etc
Naegele, Amyas  Rise and Fall of Father Alex, The  1986 JAN  nv  N-1987 WFA, short fiction; he lives & works in NYC, a graduate of Cornell Univ.; a runner-up in 1984 Redbook fiction contest for young writers; has been pub. in several literary magazines
Nagata, Linda  Liberator  1993 JUN  nv  (1960- ) N-1994 NEB; story set in same world as her 1st novel, The Bohr Maker(1995; W-1996 LOC); born in San Diego, CA; lives on Maui, HI; has 1982 bachelor's degree in Zoology from Univ. of Hawaii; 1st story pub. "Spectral Expectations" in ANA 1987 APR
   Old Mother  1995 APR  ss  in this story, "the persimmon farms & the views & cloudscapes are all real, though the snails are fictional"; see iv's in LOC 1997 FEB, 2000 NOV, & her website at; has 1st novel The Bohr Maker(1995; N-1996 LOC), about outlaw nanotechnology
   Bird Catcher's Children, The  1997 JAN  nv  about story, "I stumbled across a hand-made house in ruinous condition ... only birds had lived there ..."; has sf novel Tech-Heaven(1995), in which a woman becomes a fugitive trying to save her husband with outlawed life-extension technology(B&C)
   Hooks, Nets, and Time  1997 AUG  nv  has novels Deception Well(1997), a far future sf novel set on a space elevator above a hostile planet; Vast(1998; N-1998 NEB), aboard a giant starship thousands of years old, 4 survivors of an alien war seek a race whose automated warships ravage worlds
Nagle, Pati  Coyote Ugly  1994 APR  ss  her 1st pub. story; lives in Albuquerque, NM; has stories in several anth.; has 1st novels, of New Mexico Territory Civil War battles, Glorieta Pass(1999), & sequel The Guns of Valverde(2000), under the working name P.G. Nagle
Nash, Ogden  Tale of the Thirteenth Floor  1955 JUL  pm  (1902-1971) poet, has many poetry colls. incl. I'm a Stranger Here Myself(1935), I Wouldn't Have Missed It(1975; 1983); see George W. Crandell: Ogden Nash: A Descriptive Bibliography(1990), & David Stuart: The Life and Rhymes of Ogden Nash(1991)
Nathan, Robert  Pride of Carrots, A: or, Venus Well Served  1959 DEC  ply  (1894-1985) has 1st novel Peter Kindred(1919); time travel novel Portrait of Jennie(1940; 1998; 1948 movie); sf novel The Weans(HRP 1956, as "Digging the Weans"; 1960 chap), a satirical archaeological report on the long-destroyed U.S. civilization(Clute)
   Encounter in the Past  1967 JUL  ss  has about 50 volumes of poetry & prose, incl. Road of Ages(1935), So Love Returns(1958), The Fair(1964); The Mallott Diaries(1965) - about Neanderthal survivals in Arizona, Stonecliff(1967); The Elixir(1971), The Summer Meadows(1973)
Nearing, H. Jr  Poetry Machine, The  1950 FLL  ss  (1915- ? ) 1st story in Profs. Cleanth Penn Ransom & Archibald MacTate series, 1st pub. fiction; working name for Homer Nearing Jr, writer, Prof. of English at Pennsylvania Military College
   Mathematical Voodoo, The  1951 APR  ss  2nd story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series; profs. are a mathematician & philosopher, & their names are derived from the New Criticism poets & critics Cleanth Brooks, Archibald MacLeish, John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, & Robert Penn Warren(Clute)
   Embarrassing Dimension, The  1951 AUG  ss  3rd story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series; series about the doomed efforts of the profs. to formalize a union of the arts & sciences, which are told without malice(Clute)
   Hyperspherical Basketball, The  1951 DEC  ss  4th story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series
   Actinic Actor, The  1952 APR  nv  5th story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series
   Factitious Pentangle, The  1952 SEP  ss  6th story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series
   Unidentified Amazon, The  1952 DEC  ss  7th story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series
   Malignant Organ, The  1953 MAR  ss  8th story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series
   Maladjusted Classroom, The  1953 JUN  ss  9th story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series
   Cerebrative Psittacoid, The  1953 AUG  ss  10th story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series
   Gastronomical Error, The  1953 DEC  nv  11th story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series; series pub. as coll. The Sinister Researches of C.P. Ransom(1954)
Nelson, Alan  Narapoia  1951 APR  ss  (1911-1966) 1st pub. in What's Doing 1948 APR, as "The Origin of Narapoia," 1st story Dr. Manly J. Departure series
   Cattivo  1951 AUG  ss 
   Gualcophone, The  1952 AUG  ss 
   Soap Opera  1953 APR  ss 
   Silenzia  1953 SEP  ss 
   Shopdropper, The  1955 JAN  ss  2nd story Dr. Manly J. Departure series; all of Nelson's stories pub. in F&SF, and one story, "Man in a Hurry," pub. in WRT 1944 MAY, are coll. in Doctor Departure and Others(1989), a "collection of short whimsical fantasy"
Nelson, R. Faraday  Nightfall on the Dead Sea  1978 SEP  ss  (1931- ) also in F&SF as Ray Nelson; has novels Then Beggars Could Ride(1976), sequel The Revolt of the Unemployables(1978); The Ecolog(1977 Canada), Dimension of Horror(1979, as Jeffrey Lord), The Prometheus Man(1982; N-1983 DIC), Virtual Zen(1996)
Nelson, Ray  Turn Off the Sky  1963 AUG  nv  (1931- ) his 1st pub. story, see info in br in 1983 AUG; wn. for Radell Faraday Nelson; from NY, lives in El Cerrito, CA; liberal arts B.A., Univ. of Chicago; was an artist, invented the propeller beanie - in fan cartooning, the symbol of the sf fan
   Eight O'Clock in the Morning  1963 NOV  ss  basis of the movie They Live(1988), dir. John Carpenter, stars Roddy Piper, Keith David & Meg Foster; has also pub. stories in the detective genre; has 1st sf novel The Ganymede Takeover(1967), with Philip K. Dick; also in F&SF as R. Faraday Nelson
   Great Cosmic Donut of Life, The  1965 SEP  nv  has novel Blake's Progress(1975 Canada; N-1976 LOC; rev. vt Timequest, 1985 US), considered his best work, accords poet/painter ability to travel thru time with his wife Kate(Clute); see interview in MZBFM 1994 FLL
Nelson, Starr  Sonnets in a Moonship  1956 OCT  pm  1st pub. in SRL, in 1950; has poetry coll. Heavenly Body(1942)
   For the Voyagers  1958 NOV  pm 
Nesvadba, Josef  Pirate Island  1962 FEB  ss  (1926- ) 1st pub. in the Czech weekly mag. Kultura, in 1958, & in his coll. The Death of Taryan(Prague, 1958); writer from Czechoslovakia, a practicing psychiatrist at the Faculty Polyclinic in Prague; began writing career as a playwright & translator
   Einstein Brain, The  1962 MAY  ss  1st pub. in his coll. Einstein's Brain(1960; 1987); has colls. Tarzan's Death(1958), Expedition in the Opposite Direction(1962), In the Footsteps of the Abominable Snowman(1970 U.K.; vt The Lost Face, 1971),Expeditions in the Opposite Direction(1976)
   Xeenemuende Half-Wit, The  1962 JUN  ss  has novels Dialogue with Dr. Dong(1964), The Ravings of Erika N.(1974), I Am Looking for a Man to Be a Husband(1986); colls. Parents' Driving License(1979), Minehava for the Second Time(1981); not all of his novels & colls. might be trans. into English
Nethercott, Michael  Beastly Red Lurker, The: A Gothic Excess  1999 AUG  ss  his 1st pub. story; lives in VT; he is a performing clown, & organizer of theatrical events; has poems, scripts pub. in Cobblestone, Hopscotch, & Plays—The Drama Magazine for Young People; story a Lovecraft pastiche, for his brother's interest in H.P.L.
Neville, Kris  Every Work Into Judgment  1950 WIN/SPR  ss  (1925-1980) born in Carthage, MS; technical writer in plastics technology; after WWII, moved to L.A. & joined the L.A. Science Fantasy Society; 1st story pub. sf "The Hand from the Stars" in SSS 1949 JUL
   Take Two Quiggies  1950 DEC  nv  4th story unofficial Bureau of Imaginary Zoology series(the quiggie); also in F&SF under ps. Henderson Starke, & with co-author R. Bretnor, & Barry N. Malzberg
   Old Man Henderson  1951 JUN  ss 
   Underground Movement  1952 JUN  ss  has stories "Hunt the Hunter" in GAL 1951 JUN, & "The Toy" in IMG 1952 DEC
   Mission  1953 APR  nv 
   It Pays to Advertise  1953 JUN  ss 
   Worship Night  1953 NOV  ss  best known stories, "Bettyann" in Healy(ed): New Tales of Space & Time(1951) & its sequel "Overture" in Healy(ed): 9 Tales of Space & Time(1954), which were made into a novel, Bettyann(1970 fixup); wrote sequel, "Bettyann's Children" (1973), with wife Lil
   Closing Time  1961 JUL  ss  earned a B.A. in English from the Univ. of California in 1960; has short story "Big Talk" in Manhunt 1953 APR; also in F&SF with co-author Lil Neville(his wife), & with Barry N. Malzberg
   Power in the Blood  1962 JUN  ss  has novels The Unearth People(1964), The Mutants(IMG 1953 FEB as "Earth Alert!"; exp. 1966), Special Delivery(IMG 1952 JAN; 1967 chap), Peril of the Starmen(IMG 1954 JAN; 1967 chap), Invaders on the Moon(1970, with Mel Sturgis)
   Reality Machine, The  1970 DEC  ss  Neville "liked wine, hated Nixon, deplored mass media, missed Tony Boucher, had grudging, deep respect for John W. Campbell, loved his children, had a deep suspicion of American industry & its products ... had a deep ... love for the sf community"(L#240)
Neville, Lil & Kris  Man Who Read Equations, The  1974 DEC  ss  ( ? - ?; 1925-1980) husband & wife collaboration

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