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Oates, Joyce Carol  Damnation of A— K—, The  1989 AUG  ss  (1938- ) from Lockport, NY; studied at Syracuse Univ., U. of Wisconsin; taught at U. of Detroit, U. of Windsor, Princeton U.; W-1994 STO, Lifetime Achievement; has novels incl. Son of the Morning(1978), Bellefleur(1980), The Virgin in the Rose-Bower('84)
   Feral  1998 SEP  nv  N-1998 STO; has colls. Black Water(1992), Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque(1994; N-1995 LOC, WFA), Demon and Other Tales('96), The Collector of Hearts('98); novels Zombie('95; W-1996 STO), First Love('96), Man Crazy('97);
O'Brien, Fitz-James  Lost Room, The  1949 FLL  ss  (1828-1862) 1st pub. in HRP 1858 SEP & WRT 1929 OCT; working name for Michael Fitz-James O'Brien; Irish-born, moving to the U.S. in 1852, O'Brien was a contemporary of Poe, and died from wounds in the Civil War
   Wondersmith, The  1950 DEC  nv  1st pub. in ATL 1859 OCT; his most famous stories pub. in coll. The Supernatural Tales of Fitz-James O'Brien(2 vols., 1988, ed. by Jessica Amanda Salmonson)
O'Donnell, K.M.  Final War  1968 APR  nv  (1939- ) N-1968 NEB, novelette; ps. for Barry N. Malzberg, his early sf pub. under this ps.; lives in Manhattan; 1st story pub. sf "We're Coming Through the Window," in GAL 1967 AUG, as K.M. O'Donnell
   Death to the Keeper  1968 AUG  nv  also in F&SF under his real name Barry N. Malzberg & as Barry Malzberg; has colls. under O'Donnell ps., Final War and Other Fantasies(1969), In the Pocket and Other Science Fiction Stories(1971)
   How I Take Their Measure  1969 JAN  ss  has sf novels under O'Donnell ps., The Empty People(1969), Universe Day(1971 fixup); & two recursive satires, sf fans & writers vs. aliens, Dwellers of the Deep(1970), & Gather in the Hall of the Planets(1971)(Clute)
O'Donnell, Kevin Jr  Pieces of the Puzzle, The  1990 NOV  ss  (1950- ) born in Cleveland, OH; has BA in Chinese Studies from Yale Univ.; lives in CA; 1st story pub. sf "The Hand Is Quicker" in ANA 1973 OCT; 1st novel Bander Snatch(1979); ORA:CLE(1984); Fire on the Border(1990); see entry in CANR, vol.23
O'Donohoe, Nick  To Dust You Will Return  1979 JUN  ss  (1952- ) his 1st sale; born in Iowa; PhD from Syracuse Univ.; has Nathan Phillips mys. ser., novels April Snow(1981), Wind Chill(1985); veterinary medicine ser. The Magic and the Healing(1994), Under the Healing Sun(1995), The Healing of Crossroads(1995)
Oesterreicher, Arthur  Broken Circuit  1958 APR  vi  Vienna-born, Harvard-educated; see his website at
offutt, andrew j  Sareva: In Memoriam  1973 MAR  ss  (1934- ) author: "What would a man do ... if he learned (his wife) was a witch"; 1st story pub. "And Gone Tomorrow" in IFS 1954 DEC as Andy Offutt; 1st sf novel Evil Is Live Spelled Backwards(1970), novels The Castle Keeps(1972), Sword of the Gael(1975)
Olin, Richard  Oversight  1964 NOV  vi  (1934- ) ps. for Hugh Leddy; writer, poet, technician, lives in San Francisco; 1st story pub. sf "All Day Wednesday" in ANA 1963 MAR; has 2 other short stories in ANA, "The Mischeif Maker" in 1965 OCT, & "To Be a Champion, Merciful and Brave" in 1972 OCT
   Lil, Rorrity, and a Foamin' Sea of Steam Beer  1966 MAR  ss  under his real name, Hugh Leddy, he writes of Avram Davidson's travels in British Honduras, in the Davidson's Special Issue of the NYRSF 2000 JUN(#142)
   King Frog  1978 MAY  nv  author says this story is based on an ancient Chinese children's tale; he now lives in Alaska
Oliver, Chad  Boy Next Door, The  1951 JUN  ss  (1928-1993) wn. for Symmes Chadwick Oliver; born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but lived much of his life in Texas; has 1952 MA, English & Anthropology, from the Univ. of Texas; his 1st sale, but not his 1st pub. story("The Land of Lost Content" in SSS 1950 NOV)
   Technical Advisor  1953 FEB  ss  has a 1961 PhD in Anthroplogy from Univ. of California(L.A.), was a Prof. of Anthroplogy at the Univ. of Texas(Austin) until 1990, his fiction usually has an anthropological theme running through it, and many of the settings are in the Southwest(Clute)
   Anachronism  1953 APR  ss  has written many letters to the editor to various sf magazines(such as TWS), as a fan before & after his writing career took off; has 1st novel, a juvenile, The Mists of Dawn (1952), in which a young boy travels back in time to the dawn of man
   Transformer  1954 NOV  ss  has novel Shadows in the Sun(1954), in which a Texas annthropologist(much like himself) man discovers that the people of a Texas town(much like Crystal City, TX, where he lived) are aliens judging man for entry into galactic citizenship
   Artifact  1955 JUN  nv  has colls. Another Kind(1955), The Edge of Forever(1971); a scholarship fund has been set up at the Univ. of Texas(Austin) to honor Professor Oliver, as well as an annual teaching award for professors
   North Wind  1956 MAR  ss  also in F&SF with co-author Charles Beaumont in Claude Adams series, 1955 APR(#636) & 1956 FEB(#751)
   Didn't He Ramble  1957 APR  ss  this story is "of yesterday's jazz in the world of tomorrow"; Oliver, as well as an anthropologist & science fiction writer, is traditional jazz pianist, "especially authentic New Orleans"; he hosts a 1-hour long jazz program on KHFI-FM, in Austin, TX
   Between the Thunder and the Sun  1957 MAY  na  has novel The Winds of Time(1957), in which aliens awake after centuries of suspended animation in a cave in the Southwest(Clute); this novel also pub. in anth. Dann, Sargent & Zebrowski(ed): Three in Time(1997), w. novels by Wilson Tucker & Poul Anderson
   Wind Blows Free, The  1957 JUL  nv  has novel Unearthly Neighbors(1960; rev. 1984), in which a man attempts to communicate with alien visitors(Clute); a hobby of Oliver's was fly fishing for trout, which he did on the Guadelupe River in Central Texas, & late in life at Lake City, CO
   Rewrite Man  1957 SEP  ss  Oliver "has always been concerned with the depiction of Native American life and concerns"; his novel The Wolf Is My Brother(1967; W-1967 Spur Award), "is not sf, features a sympathetically characterized Native American protagonist"(Clute)
   Pilgrimage  1958 FEB  ss  has novel The Shores of Another Sea(1971), which is set in Africa, & articulates Oliver's concern for the ecology & environment(Clute); novel "captures Oliver's experiences in Kenya's bush country"(LOC 1993 SEP, p.80)
   Guardian Spirit  1958 APR  nv  has novel Giants in the Dust(1976), concerned with mankind's fundamental nature, "it posits the idea that man is by nature a hunting animal, cut off from his roots by progress"(LOC 1993 SEP, p.80)
   One That Got Away, The  1959 MAY  ss  has western novel Broken Eagle(1989; W-1990 Western Heritage Award), about protagonists Gen. George A. Custer & Native American Broken Eagle
   End of the Line  1965 JAN  nv  has western novel The Cannibal Owl(1994), about a black man on a quest to rescue a 10-year old boy kidnapped by a Comanche warrior
   Stick for Harry Eddington, A  1965 AUG  ss  has Biolog in ANA 1983 mSEP; see obit & appreciations in LOC 1993 SEP(#392), & ANA 1994 JAN; annotated bibliography in INZ 1997 APR; see also Hal W. Hall: Chad Oliver: An Annotated Bibliography & Guide(1989 chap)
Oliver, Chad & Charles Beaumont  Last Word, The  1955 APR  ss  (1928-1993; 1929-1967) 1st story Claude Adams series; next one in F&SF 1956 FEB(#751) under Beaumont & Oliver
Oltion, Jerry  Grass Is Always Greener, The  1993 FEB  nv  (1957- ) lives in Eugene, OR, with his wife writer Kathy Oltion; 1st story pub. sf "Much Ado About Nothing" in ANA 1982 NOV; see Biolog in ANA 1985 APR, & his website at
   Blue Light Special  1993 SEP  vi  this story was written for a read-aloud Christmas working workshop; has 1st novel Frame of Reference(1987; N-1988 LOC), about human protagonists who discover that the starship they live on is actually an underground simulacrum made by aliens(Clute)
   Abridged Edition  1994 JUL  ss  has sf novelizations in round-robin series, Isaac Asimov's Robot City: Robots and Aliens, #4: Alliance(1990), & #6: Humanity(1990)
   Great Martian Pyramid Hoax, The  1995 JAN  ss  has colls. Love Songs of a Mad Scientist: The Collected Short Stories of Jerry Oltion, Vol. 1(1993), & Vol. 2, Singing in the Rain(1998)
   Uncertainty  1995 DEC  ss  has mini-chapbook coll. of three comic vignettes, with Alan Bard, The Gigantic Three in One Complete History of the Universe(1994)
   Plight Before Christmas, The  1996 JAN  ss  story was read for a Christmas celebration with writers, in a slightly different version last year; has coll. of his & his wife Kathy's Christmas stories, Tales from the Yuletide(1994)
   There Goes the Neighborhood  1996 AUG  ss  has sf short story "The Love Song of Laura Morrison" in ANA 1987 AUG, pub. as a chapbook in 1994; has "Dark Sun" novel The Darkness Before the Dawn(1995), & "Shadow Warrior" novel You Only Die Twice(1997), both as Ryan Hughes
   Abandon in Place  1996 DEC  na  W-1997 NEB; N-1997 HUG, LOC, SFC, novella; expanded into his 1st novel in 2000; phantom Saturn V moon rockets launch from the abandoned launch pad 34; currently(2002) he does design & layout work, while his wife Kathy proofreads, for F&SF
   Difference Between Science Fiction and Fantasy, The: A Mathematical Analysis  1997 MAR  fa  from the Dept. of Bibliostatistics, Oregon Fictional Institute, Eugene, Oregon; has sf novelizations Star Trek Pocket #77: Twilight's End(1996), & #81: Mudd in Your Eye(1997)
   Miracle, The  1998 DEC  ss  the Oregon hill which inspired this story actually does have a very rare crystal deposit on it—the only other place on Earth where it can be found is in the Middle East; has sf novelization Star Trek Captain's Table #6: Where Sea Meets Sky(1998)
   Biosphere  1999 JUN  ss  has sf novelization with his wife Kathy Oltion, Star Trek: New Earth, Book 4: The Flaming Arrow(2000); sf novel The Getaway Special(2001), about a mad scientist who develops a hyperdrive engine capable of taking anyone to the stars
Oltion, Jerry & Kristine Kathryn Rusch  Deus X  1997 OCT/NOV  na  tale of what happens when faith is thrust upon a man; Oltion has anth. Buried Treasures: An Anthology of Unpublished Pulphouse Stories(1996); Rusch has two "Unreal" books with Dean Wesley Smith & as Ryan Hughes, Hard Crash(1998), Prophet's Power(1998)
O'Neil, Dennis  Elseones, The  1972 FEB  ss  (1939- ) lives in NY, has sold stories to EQMM, FAN; has written comic book scripts for Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman; recently won the Academy of Comic Book Arts' Shazam Award; edited book Secret Origins of the Super DC Heroes(1976)
   Killing of Mother Corn, The  1975 FEB  ss  has books The Bite of Monsters(1971), The Haunt of Horror(1973), Super Comics(1981); graphic novel Shadow 1941: Hitler's Astrologer(1988); Private Files of the Shadow(1989, with Michael Kaluta); has taught at the School of Visual Arts(NYC)
   Wave By  1980 SEP  ss  has written an episode of Logan's Run(1977-78 TV series); has been an editor at DC & Marvel Comics; movie novelizations, Batman(1989), Batman Returns(1992); novel Batman Knightfall(1994); nf book The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics(2001)
O'Neill, Gene  Alchemy  1983 MAY  ss  (1938- ) this story written before the closing of a GM plant in Fremont; lives in California; 1979 graduate of Clarion; has pub. stories in Pulpsmith, The Dragon, & in TWZ
   300 S. Montgomery  1984 JUL  ss 
   Shadow of the Mountain, The  1985 MAR  ss 
   White Quetzal, The  1985 JUL  ss  he & his wife "spent 3 days in the Monteverde Cloud Forest (in Costa Rica) ... neither of us saw a white quetzal"
   Armless Conductor, The  1987 SEP  ss 

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