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Pain, Barry  Glass of Supreme Moments, The  1951 JUN  ss  (1864-1928) 1st pub. in coll. Stories and Interludes(1892); Barry Eric Odell Pain, humorist & parodist; has colls. Stories in the Dark(1901), Stories in Grey(1911), novels Robinson Crusoe's Return(1906), The Diary of a Baby(1907), etal
Paine, J. Lincoln  Dreistein Case, The  1958 JUN  vi  (1923- ) 1st pub. in the Washington Star; ps. for Arnold Kramish, physicist on Manhattan Project; has biography of U.K. spy Paul Rosbaud, The Griffin(1960;1986); article in Albright & Kunstel: Bombshell(1997), about a Nazi spy on the Manhattan Project
Palmer, Stuart  Bride for the Devil, A  1949 FLL  ss  (1905-1968) 1st story bought by F&SF in 1946 JUN for $100.00, orig. title "Seek and Ye Shall Find," it is discussed in Edward L. Ferman's intro to 30th Anniv. Issue, 1979 OCT, p.8; Charles Stuart Palmer, Army major, screen, TV & mystery writer
   Bottle Babe  1956 JUN  ss  has novel The Penguin Pool Murder(1931; 1st Miss Hildegard Withers series; made into 1932 movie); after novel's success, S.P. used a penguin as a good luck symbol, collected figurines of penguins, & drew them by his signatures on letters
   Dream Stuff  1957 AUG  ss  wrote also a series of short stories in Withers series, which incl. series character, John J. Malone, of his mystery writer friend Craig Rice(1908-1957, ps. for Georgiana Craig)
   Three-Dimensional Valentine  1959 MAR  ss  author of reporter Howie Rook mystery novels Unhappy Hooligan(1956), & Rook Takes Knight(1969)
Palmer, Stuart & Jennifer  Brain Wave  1967 DEC  nv  (1905-1968; ? - ? ) Stuart Palmer also in F&SF by himself, & is a writer of mystery fiction; Jennifer Palmer is his wife
Pangborn, Edgar  Red Hills of Summer, The  1959 SEP  nv  (1909-1976) 1st story pub. novel A-100: A Mystery Story(1930, as by Bruce Harrison), 1st story pub. sf "Angel's Egg" in GAL 1951 JUN; has 1st sf novel West of the Sun(1953), novel A Mirror for Observers(1954; W-1955 IFA)
   Wrens in Grandpa's Whiskers, The  1960 APR  ss  has non-sf novels Wilderness of Spring(1958), & The Trial of Callista Blake (1961); in his Davy series are colls. The Company of Glory(1975), Still I Persist in Wondering(1978)
   Golden Horn, The  1962 FEB  nv  1st story of 2 in F&SF of his post-nuclear-holocaust Davy series; with "A War of No Consequence" in F&SF 1962 MAR, made into a fixup novel, Davy(1964; N-1965 HUG); also in Davy ser., novel The Judgment of Eve(1966)
   War of No Consequence, A  1962 MAR  nv  2nd story Davy series; "In This Issue ..." on p.4, E.P. talks of this series as something that could happen because of things happening today: "These stories are fantasy; I'd like to call them fantasy used as a special lens for looking at present reality"
   Wogglebeast  1965 JAN  ss  has colls. Good Neighbors and Other Strangers(1972), The Company of Glory(1975), Still I Persist in Wondering(1978)
   Longtooth  1970 JAN  nv  lives near Woodstock, NY("near the site of the recent rock concert festival"); see Gordon Benson Jr: Edgar Pangborn: A Bibliography(1985 chap)
Pangborn, Mary C.  My Name Is Samantha  1984 JAN  ss  (1907- ) "my brother Edgar was the writer of the family. For me, during a lifetime as a ... biochemist, writing remained a secret vile. Now, being safely retired, ... I have finally dragged my typewriter out of the closet"; has stories in two anth.
Panshin, Alexei  Books  1969 NOV  br  (1940- ) transitional times in sf what will it be like in 5 years; Michael Crichton: The Andromeda Strain; Clarke: The Lion of Comarre, & Against the Fall of Night; Leiber: A Specter Is Haunting Texas; Le Guin: The Left Hand of Darkness
   Panshin Replies  1972 AUG  lttr  in response to Harry Harrison's criticism of his 1972 MAR book review(with his wife Cory); Alexei, also in F&SF w. co-author Joe L. Hensley as collab. ps. Loius J.A. Adams, won a 1967 Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer; has website
   Books  1973 JUN  br  Harry Harrison & Brian Aldiss(ed): The Astounding-Analog Reader, Vol.1; Robert Silverberg(ed): New Dimensions II; John Boyd: The I.Q. Merchants; Thomas Burnett Swann: Wolfwinter; Alexei 1st story pub. sf "Down to the Worlds of Men" in IFS 1963 JUL
Panshin, Alexei & Cory  Books  1972 MAR  br  (1940- ; 1947- ) Asimov(ed): The Hugo Winners, Vol.II; Knight(ed): Orbit 9; Harrison & Aldiss(ed): Best SF: 1970; Harrison(ed): Author's Choice 3; Mayo Mohs(ed): Other Worlds, Other Gods; this review a husband/wife collab.; see Harrison letter, 1972 AUG
   Books  1974 MAR  br  sf has grown; Williamson: H.G. Wells, Critic of Progress; Lowndes: Three Faces of S.F.; Le Guin: From Elfland to Poughkeepsie; Wertham: The World of Fanzines; Bretnor: S. F., Today and Tomorrow; Aldiss: Billion Year Spree, the True History of S.F.; 3 more
   Books  1974 DEC  br  "We are passing through a time of retrospection"; Donald H. Tuck: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Vol.1; Asimov: Before the Golden Age; The Best of Stanley G. Weinbaum; Jacques Sadoul: Les meilleurs recits de Astounding Stories, 1934/37
   Books  1975 AUG  br  "in the mirror of a sf story may be seen a reflection of the author ... of sf stories ... of an era"; Cordwainer Smith: Norstrilia; Michael Bishop: A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire; Joanna Russ: The Female Man; Roger Zelazny: Sign of the Unicorn
   Books  1976 JUL  br  James Gunn: Alternate Worlds: The Illustrated History of Science Fiction; Damon Knight(ed): Science Fiction of the Thirties; L. Sprague de Camp & Catherine Crook de Camp: Science Fiction Handbook(revised); A.E. van Vogt: Reflections of A.E. van Vogt
   Books  1978 JUN  br  Brian W. Aldiss(ed): Galactic Empires; Byron Preiss(ed): Weird Heroes, Vol.6; Chris Boyce: Catchworld; Cary Neeper: A Place Beyond Man; C.J. Cherryh: Hunter of Worlds
   Books  1979 AUG  br  John Varley: Titan; Poul Anderson: The Avatar; Charles Sheffield: Sight of Proteus; Diane Duane: The Door Into Fire; Ian Watson: Miracle Visitors
Park, Paul  Get a Grip  1997 DEC  ss  (1954- ) N-1998 LOC, STU, WFA; story 1st pub. electronically in Omni Online 1997 FEB; 1st pub. sf The Starbridge Chronicles ser., Soldiers of Paradise(1987), Sugar Rain(1989), The Cult of Loving Kindness(1991); Celestis(1993), The Gospel of Corax(1996)
Parker, Jeanne  Sweets to the Sweet  1976 APR  ss  working name for Jeanne Parker Dixon, also in F&SF as J.P. Dixon(1976 JUL, 1977 JUN); "was born on the Blackfeet reservation of Montana ... became a(n) ... anthropologist, took a degree in Slavic studies & went to live on the Soviet-Finnish border ..."
Parker, Richard  Wheelbarrow Boy, The  1953 MAR  ss  (1915- ) 1st pub. in LIL; U.K. writer for children; has novels The Hendon Fungus(1968), The Old Powder Line(1971, a train is a time machine), A Time to Choose(1973); two novels are tales of magic, M for Mischief(1971), & Spell Seven(1971)
Parkinson, T.L.  Shell, The  1990 JAN  ss  (1949-1992) Terry Lee Parkinson, his 2nd appearance in F&SF, the first being a letter in 1963 NOV; has been pub. in anth. Shadows, Full Spectrum; 1st & only novel, The Man Upstairs(1991), a psychosexual thriller of passion & obsession set in San Francisco
Pascal, David  Cartoon  1949 FLL  ct  (1918- ) 1st pub. in SRL; born in Manhattan; lives in Soho, NYC; attended American Artists School 1936-1938; illustrator & cartoonist for major publications incl. NYM; W-1968 Plaque Award, Advertising Illustrations; W-1972 Silver T-Square Award
   Cartoon  1950 FLL  ct  (1918- ) has illus. the books Ken Kraft: The Birds and the Beasts Were There(1961), & Give Father a Hard Knock(1962); Elmer Wheeler: The Fat Boy Goes Polyunsaturated(1963), Kenneth & Irene Donnelson: When You Need a Lawyer(1964)
   Cartoon: "Beware of Robot"  1953 JUN  ct  has illus. book Charles Issawi: Issawi's Laws of Social Motion(1973); has books w. Eddie Frederics: The Art of Inferior Decorating(1963); w. Walter Herdeg: The Art of the Comic Strip(1972); see entries in editions of The National Cartoonists Society Album
Patrouch, Joe  Attenuated Man, The  1979 MAR  ss  (1935- ) Joseph Patrouch Jr; Prof. of English at Univ. of Dayton, specializing in Chaucer & sf; "This term my Medieval English Lit. class has 6 students, the sf 42"; has biography, Reginald Pecock(1970), & book, The Science Fiction of Isaac Asimov(1974)
Patterson, Kent  Wereyam, The  1994 JUL  vi  (1941-1995) born in Halley, ID; was stricken by polio as a child; moved in 1973 to Eugene, OR; has BA & MA in English Literature from Brigham Young Univ.; PhD in 19th Century American Literature from the Univ. of Kentucky; see Biolog in ANA 1995 AUG
   That Cruel Pauli Exclusion  1997 FEB  ss  N-1997 NEB, ss; he writes, "This story presents my Grand Unification Theory of the universe, proving the mysteries of romance, physics, country western music, & the contrary nature of cats are all local manifestations of the same universal force"
Patterson, Kent & Jerry Oltion  Dutchman's Gold  1995 SEP  nv  (1941-1995; 1957- ) in story intro, Rusch announces the death of Kent Patterson in March 1995 of a heart attack; he had written non-fiction for decades before turning to sf & humor in 1987; see Kent's obit in LOC 1995 MAY(#412)
Paul, Barbara  Seven Deadly Sessions, The  1981 JAN  ss  (1931- ) native of KY; now from Pittsburgh, former English & drama teacher; BA from Bowling Green State Univ., MA from Univ. of Redlands, PhD from Univ. of Pittsburgh; has 1st sale/1st story pub. "Answer 'Affirmative,' or 'Negative'" in ANA 1972 APR
   Scarecrow Duty  1982 MAR  ss  has 1st novel sf An Exercise for Madmen(1978); sf novels Pillar of Salt(exp. from story in anth. Cassandra Rising, 1978), Bibblings(1979), Under the Canopy(1980); has historical mystery series featuring Enrico Caruso, A Cadenza for Caruso(1984), etc
   All the Dogs of Europe  1983 SEP  nv  has mystery series featuring NYPD officer Marian Larch & TV actress Kelly Ingram, The Renewable Virgin(1984), Good King Sauerkraut(1989), The Apostrophe Thief(1993), Fare Play(1995), Full Frontal Murder(1997), etc; see website
Paul, Herb  Angel With Purple Hair, The  1950 DEC  ss  Air Force colonel; has short stories "The Old and the Bold" in Blue Book 1948 NOV, & "A Girl in the House" in Short Stories 1958 OCT, the latter a romance story
Pautz, Peter D.  Acrostic Puzzle  1979 FEB  pz  (1952- ) answers in 1979 MAR, p.157; 1st story pub. horror "Fisherman's Log" in Charles L. Grant(ed): Nightmares(1979); has anth. with Kathryn Cramer: The Architecture of Fear(1987; W-1988 WFA; N-1988 LOC)
Payes, Rachel Cosgrove  Acrostic Puzzle  1978 JUL  pz  (1922-1998) answers in 1978 AUG, p.27; born in Westernport, MD; has BS in biology & public speaking from West Virginia Wesleyan College; lives in Shrub Oak, NY; a chemist who does pharmaceutical research; 1st story pub. sf "Private Phone" in WOT 1970 SUM
   Acrostic Puzzle  1979 OCT  pz  answers in 1979 NOV, p.139; her first book was The Hidden Valley of Oz(1951, as Rachel R. Cosgrove), in which Jam, a boy from Ohio, flies to Oz in a crate & meets Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, Percy the white rat, & the giant Terp the Terrible
   Acrostic Puzzle  1981 FEB  pz  answers in 1981 MAR, p.74; has pub. two more Oz books, Merry-Go-Round in Oz(1963), as E.L. Arch, & The Wicked Witch of Oz(1993); see entry in C.A., vol.16, p.306-307; as Rachel Cosgrove has novel Marjory Thurman, Lab Technician(1960)
   Acrostic Puzzle  1981 APR  pz  answers in 1981 MAY, p.162; as Rachel Cosgrove has novels Long Journey Home(1962), Not for Glory(1963), The Candy Striper(1964), Ann Gordon of the Peace Corps(1965), Linda's Gifts(1966), Designs for Love(1966)
   Acrostic Puzzle  1981 JUN  pz  answers in 1981 JUL, p.159; under full name has mystery novels Forsythia Finds Murder(1960), Death Sleeps Lightly(1960), Shadow of Fear(1961), Curiosity Killed Kitty(1962), Memoirs of Murder(1964), Mystery of Echo Caverns(1966), O Charitable Death(1968)
   Acrostic Puzzle  1981 NOV  pz  answers in 1981 DEC, p.114; as E.L. Arch, has sf novels Bridge to Yesterday(1963), Planet of Death(1964), The Deathstones(1964), The First Immortals(1965), The Double-Minded Man(1966), The Man With Three Eyes(1967)
   Acrostic Puzzle  1982 MAR  pz  answers in 1982 APR, p.143; under her full name has gothic novels The Silent Place(1969), Malverne Hall(1970), Forbidden Island(1973), Devil's Court(1974), House of Tarot(1975), The Black Swan(1975), The Sapphire Legacy(1976)
   Acrostic Puzzle  1982 JUL  pz  answers in 1982 AUG, p.93; under her full name has romance novels Peace Corps Nurse(1967), Moment of Desire(1978), The Coach to Hell(1979), Bride of Fury(1980), Satan's Mistress(1981); as Joanne Kaye, has romance novel Playing for Keeps(1982)
   Acrostic Puzzle  1983 MAR  pz  answers in 1983 APR, p.114; Payes has written over 45 books, under her real name, as Rachel Cosgrove, Rachel R. Cosgrove, & under the ps, E.L. Arch & Joanna Kaye; her work has mainly been in the historical romance & mystery genres
   Acrostic Puzzle  1984 MAY  pz  answers in 1984 JUN, p.132; under her full name has Seven Sisters romance novel series, Love's Charade(1980), Love's Promenade(1981), Love's Serenade(1981), Love's Renegade(1981), Love's Escapade(1981)

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