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Quattrocchi, Frank  He Had a Big Heart  1955 MAR  ss  has book with Henrietta Quattrocchi: Why Johnny Takes Drugs(1974); last name variously spelled Quattrochi, only for short stories in ASF, "Assignment in the Unknown" in 1951 FEB, & "Gramp and His Dog" in 1952 JUL
Queenan, Joseph  Power of the Spoken Word, The  1983 FEB  ss  (1950- ) has nf books as by Joe Queenan, Imperial Caddy: The Rise of Dan Quayle ...(1992); on moviemaking, The Unkindest Cut(1995), If You're Talking to Me, Your Career Must Be in Trouble(1994); Red Lobster, White Trash & the Blue Lagoon(1998)
Quinn, James  Smoke Gets in Your Eyes  1977 DEC  ss  (1955?- ) 1st fiction sale; recent graduate of Kent State Univ., now working as editor of The Holmes County Farmer-Hub, "a weekly paper located midway between Akron & Columbus"

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