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Raab, Lawrence  Voices Answering Back: Vampires, The  1970 MAY  pm  (1946- ) 1st pub. in The American Scholar, in 1969; born in Pittsfield, MA; has 1968 BA from Middlebury College, 1972 MA from Syracuse Univ.; has poetry colls. Mysteries of the Horizon(1972), The Collector of Cold Weather(1976), Other Children(1987)
   Vampires  1971 FEB  pm  has poetry colls. What We Don't Know About Each Other(1993), Probable World(2000); English Prof. at Williams College(Williamstown, MA) since 1976; also taught at The American Univ. & Univ. of Michigan; see poets website at
Raffel, Burton  Goodbye  1960 SEP  nv  (1928- ) Prof. Emeritus, Humanities, LSU(Lafayette, LA); has trans. works of Cervantes, Rabelais, Chrétien, etc; 1st book Poems from the Old English(1960); nf The Art of Translating Prose(1994), ... Poetry(1994); poetry coll. Beethoven in Denver(1999)
Randall, Marta  View From Endless Scarp, The  1979 JUL  ss  (1948- ) N-1980 LOC, ss; lives in San Francisco Bay area; 1st story pub. sf "Smack Run" in Michael Moorcock(ed): New Worlds 5(1973); has 1st novel Islands(1976; N-1976 NEB; rev. 1980); anth. New Dimensions 11(1980), & 12(1981), w. Robert Silverberg
   Dangerous Games  1980 APR  na  N-1980 NEB; 1981 LOC, novella; 1st & only story in F&SF in Kennerins or Newhome ser.; to be part of novel Dangerous Games(1980), 2nd & last novel in ser., 1st being Journey(1978); has fantasy novels The Sword of Winter(1983), Those Who Favor Fire(1984)
Randolph, Vance  Yellow Catfish, The  1952 NOV  vi  (1892-1980) 1st story Ozark folk tales series; has books The Ozarks: An American Survival of Primitive Society(1931), Ozark Mountain Folks(1932), Ozark Outdoors: Hunting and Fishing Stories of the Ozarks(1934), An Ozark Anthology(1940)
   Slipping Through the Keyhole  1953 FEB  vi  2nd story Ozark folk tales series, coll. in We Always Lie to Strangers(1951), Who Blew up the Church House(1952), Down in the Holler(1953); has books Ozark Folksongs(1946-50; 4 vols.), Ozark Superstitions(1947), Ozark Magic & Fiolklore(1947)
   Blood in the Cellar: Ozark Folk Tale, An  1953 NOV  vi  3rd story Ozark folk tales series, coll. in The Devil's Pretty Daughter(1955), The Talking Turtle(1957), Sticks in the Knapsack(1958), Hot Springs and Hell(1965), Pissing in the Snow(1976); see Robert Cochran: Vance Randolph: An Ozark Life(1985)
Ransom, James  Fred One  1964 APR  ss  (1922- ) from Cleveland, editor at a medical publishing firm; AB in English & in 1952 a PhD in English Philogy from Stanford Univ.; has written fiction for ESQ, PBY, and for TV
Raphael, Rick  Books  1965 DEC  br  (1919-1994) writer & journalist; James Dugan: Man Under the Sea; Martin Caidin: Hydrospace; C.P. Idyll: Abyss; Vincent Gaddis: Invisible Horizons; Isaac Asimov: Of Time and Space and Other Things; Gösta Ehrensvärd: Man on Another World
Rapp, Tom  Stardancer  1976 SEP  pm  (1947- ) 1st pub. as a song, Stardancer(1972); led psychedelic folk band Pearls Before Swine(1966-1976; 1997- ); 1984 grad. Univ. of Penn. Law School; Philly civil rights lawyer 18 years, now Florida attorney;
Rath, Tina  End of Season  1984 MAR  ss  (1943- ) her 1st pub. work in the U.S.; from London, has pub. stories in AMZ, WRT, anth. & English magazines Ghosts & Scholars, & All Hallows
Ready, W.B.  Giant Finn MacCool, The  1952 FEB  ss  (1914-1981) 1st pub. in coll. The Great Disciple and Other Stories(1951); wn. name for William Bernard Ready, Cardiff, Wales-born Irishman; librarian at California before becoming the head librarian at McMaster Univ.(Hamilton, Ontario)
   Devlin  1953 APR  ss  his 1st story pub. "Barring the Weight" in ATL, in 1948; has novel The Poor Hater: A Story of Ireland and America(1958) as William Ready, about an Irishman who comes to America in the mid-19th century
   Weerawannas  1953 JUN  ss  best known for his early Tolkien study, The Tolkien Relation: A Personal Inquiry(1968, 1981; vt Understanding Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings, 1969), as William Ready
   Hound of Cullen, The  1953 NOV  nv  1st pub. in 1951; has autobiography, Files on Parade: A Memoir by William B. Ready(1982), the manuscript of which he finished just days before he suddenly died in Victoria, B.C., in 1981
   Bridey Murphy: Irishman's View, An  1956 AUG  ar  reports on best-seller Morey Bernstein's The Search for Bridey Murphy; Bridget Kathleen 'Bridey' MacCarthy nee Murphy(1798-1864); preceded by an Interim Report on Bridey Murphy, by Anthony Boucher; hypnosis proves reincarnation?
Reamy, Tom  Twilla  1974 SEP  nv  (1935-1977) N-1974 NEB, nv; wn. for Thomas Earl Reamy, his 1st pub. story; in aerospace until he got laid off; worked on porno films in L.A., incl. Flesh Gordon(1972); W-1976 JWCA, Best New Writer; edited fanzines Nickelodeon(w. Ken Keller), Trumpet #1-12
   San Diego Lightfoot Sue  1975 AUG  nv  W-1975 NEB; N-1976 HUG, LOC, novelette; has coll. San Diego Lightfoot Sue and Other Stories(1979); has play "Sting" in Roger Elwood(ed): Six Science Fiction Plays(1976); edited MidAmerican Program Book, for the 1976 or 34th World S.F. Convention
   Detweiler Boy, The  1977 APR  nv  N-1978 LOC, shfi; has novel Blind Voices(1978), shares a common background w. "Twilla" & "San Diego Lightfoot Sue," a small Kansas town around 1930 is visited by a circus full of freaks & legendary creatures, an homage to Finney, Sturgeon, Bradbury(Clute)
   Insects in Amber  1978 JAN  na  N-1979 LOC, na; a group of travelers are stranded at a haunted house during a rainstorm, but not accidentally, when the psychic abilities of a few of them are needed for all to survive; Reamy died of a heart attack in late 1977; see iv in Shayol #1 1977
Reaves, J. Michael  Century Feeling, The  1974 NOV  ss  (1950- ) working name for James Michael Reaves; lives in Alabama, attended 1972 Clarion SF Writers' Workshop; 1st story pub. sf "The Breath of Dragons" in Robin Scott Wilson(ed): Clarion 3(1973); also in F&SF as Michael Reaves
   Sounds of Something Dying, The  1976 MAY  ss  now lives in L.A., a telewriter; has 1st novel I, Alien(1978), which was supposed to be the first part of a series, about an alien searching for its fellow aliens on Earth; has novel Dragonworld(1979), with Byron Preiss
   Shadetree  1977 SEP  ss  has fixup novel in Kamus of Kadizhar seq., Darkworld Detective(1982), followed in seq. by The Black Hole of Carcosa(1988), the latter with John Shirley; has Shattered World seq., The Shattered World(1984), & The Burning Realm(1988)
   Werewind  1981 JUL  nv  N-1982 LOC, novelette; has series novel Time Machine 3: Sword of the Samurai(1984), with Steve Perry; also with Perry, Hellstar(1984), Dome(1987), the latter a post-holocaust tale set in an undersea habitat(Clute)
Reaves, Michael  Tearing of Greymare House, The  1983 MAR  nv  (1950- ) working name for J(ames) Michael Reaves, & also in F&SF as such; has novels Street Magic(1991), Night Hunter(1997); Voodoo Child(1998), a horror novel that takes place in New Orleans during Mardi Gras; supernatural horror Hell on Earth(2001)
Rebetez, René  New Prehistory, The  1983 JUN  ss  1st pub. in his coll. La nueva prehistoria(1968); trans. from the Spanish by Damon Knight; René Rebetez(-Cortes), born in Columbia, but spends much time in Mexico; well-known Latin American writer, lecturer, & documentary film maker
Redd, David  Sundown  1967 DEC  nv  lives in Wales; works as a civil engineer; has 1st sf/f story "The Way to London Town" in NWS #164 1966 JUL; has pub. over 25 stories since then, mainly in U.K. mags. incl. NWS, NWQ, INZ, Spectrum SF, etc., & U.S. mags. ASI, IFS, FAN, & AMZ
   Quiet Kind of Madness, A  1968 MAY  nv  has Nancy series of stories about a young woman who has the ability to time travel, "Nancy" in FAN 1971 FEB, "The Mammoth Hunters" in Micheal Moorcock(ed): New Worlds #5(1973), & "Eternity-Magic" in Spectrum SF #6 2001 JUL
   Morning  1978 JUL  ss  has Senechi series of stories, "The Frozen Summer" in IFS 1969 MAR, "Brother Ape" in Peter Weston(ed): Andromeda #3(1978), "Moon Pearls" in Philip Harbottle & Sean Wallace(ed): Fantasy Annual(forthcoming), "Solus" in Spectrum SF(forthcoming)
   House on Hollow Mountain, The  1982 MAY  nv  Redd has wanted to write this story for nearly 20 years; has Fireside Tales from the Nameless Land series, "The Sphere" in online U.K. mag. Substance, in 1995, & "The Lantern in the Nest of Twigs" in Scheherazade #15 1997
   When Jesus Came to the Moon for Christmas  1991 JAN  nv  has Green England series, "Green and Pleasant Land" in INZ #32 1989 NOV/DEC, "Green England" in Spectrum SF #7 2001 NOV, & one story pub. only in German; see humorous 1990 letter to INZ editor David Pringle at
Redman, Ben Ray  At the Door  1953 AUG  vi  (1896-1961) has 1st novel Masquerade(1923); under ps. Jeremy Lord, mys. The Bannerman Case(1935), Sixty-Nine Diamonds(1940); story "The Perfect Crime" in Ellery Queen: 101 Year's Entertainment(1941), made into 1957 Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode
Reed, Kit  Wait, The  1958 APR  ss  (1932- ) her 1st pub. story(aka "To Be Taken in a Strange Country"); working name for Lillian Craig Reed; born in San Diego, has BA from the College of Notre Dame in 1954, reporter for the New Haven Register and for Newsweek
   Devotion  1958 JUN  ss  her 1st sale
   Reign of Tarquin the Tall, The  1958 JUL  ss  in 1958 & 1959 won the New England Newspaperwoman of the Year Award; she was the first woman to receive the Abraham Woursell Foundation's literary grant; she was a Guggenheim Fellow in 1964-1965
   Empty Nest  1959 AUG  ss 
   Two in Homage  1960 SEP  ss 
   Judas Bomb  1961 APR  ss 
   Piggy  1961 AUG  ss  has 1st novel Mother Isn't Dead She's Only Sleeping(1961)
   To Lift a Ship  1962 APR  ss 
   New You, The  1962 SEP  ss  her husband, Joseph Reed, is a Prof. of English at Wesleyan Univ.; they live in Middletown, CT
   Tell Me Doctor – Please  1963 APR  ss 
   Automatic Tiger  1964 MAR  ss  has 2nd novel At War As Children(1964), that captures the feel of the generation that grew up during & after WWII
   Cynosure  1964 JUN  ss  see story "The Perfect Portrait" in EQMM 1968 JUL
   On the Orphan's Colony  1964 DEC  ss  has coll. Mister da V. and Other Stories(1967 U.K.); has novel The Better Part(1967), "She learned the facts of life in a reform school where every girl knew more at 15 than most women know at 50"
   Vine, The  1967 NOV  ss  has 1st sf novel Armed Camps(1969 U.K.), about a near future dystopian U.S.A. sliding irretrievable collapse, narrated by a soldier & by a woman pacifist(Clute)
   Underground  1971 SEP  ss  has novel Cry of the Daughter(1971), "about four women bound to the future by their past"; suspense thriller Tiger Rag(1973)
   Dog Days  1972 FEB  ss  edited anth. Fat: A Big Book About a Broad Subject(1974), stories about obesity; see interview in Charles Platt: Dream Makers(1983)
   Attack of the Giant Baby, The  1976 JAN  ss  has novel Captain Grownup(1976), about a separated schoolteacher who gives one of his students some advanced lessons; coll. The Killer Mice(1978 UK)

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