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Tabakow, Lou  Harley Helix, The  1959 JUL  vi  (1915?-1981) active in Cincinatti fandom since late forties, 1st story pub. "The Wedding Present" in OWS 1951 MAR; won 1st special HUG in 1955 for "Best Unpublished Story" for "Sven," advertised on OWS 1955 MAY cover, but not pub. until OWS 1956 SEP
Tall, Stephen  Angry Mountain, The  1970 JUN  ss  (1908-1981) ps. for Compton N. Crook, writer & biology professor; began writing career under various undisclosed ps. in the 1930s, early work not sf(Clute); 1st story pub. sf "The Lights on Precipice Peak" in GAL 1955 OCT
   Bear With the Knot on His Tail, The  1971 MAY  nv  N-1972 HUG, short story; 1972 LOC, short fiction; 1st story in F&SF in his research starship Stardust series; other stories in series in WOT 1966 NOV, GAL 1971 NOV, IFS 1972 SEP/OCT, & 1973 JUL/AUG
   Mushroom World  1974 NOV  na  2nd story in F&SF in his Stardust series; scientists aboard the Stardust, on a mission to discover & explore new worlds, find sentient amphibians who live in a Mesozoic age of giant reptiles & mushrooms; series coll. in The Stardust Voyages(1975)
   Chlorophyll  1976 JUN  nv  has sequel to his Stardust novel, The Ramsgate Paradox(1976), which carries the crew of the Stardust into another spacefaring scientific adventure
   Man Who Saved the Sun, The  1977 JAN  nv  has novel The People Beyond the Wall(1980), a late lost world tale set under an Alaskan glacier where a placid utopia is invaded by outsiders(Clute)
   Merry Men of Methane, The  1980 MAY  nv  3rd & last story in F&SF in Stardust ser., the explorations of the Earth's first starship; the Compton Crook/Stephen Tall Award, for Best First Novel of SF, was established in 1983, presented at Balticon - 1st winner Donald Kingsbury for Courtship Rite
Tarkington, Booth  Veiled Feminists of Atlantis, The  1968 FEB  ss  (1869-1946) 1st pub. in Forum, 1926 MAR; has novels Monsieur Beaucaire (1900), Penrod(1914), Seventeen(1916); has Pulitzer Prize-winning novels The Magnificent Ambersons(1918), & Alice Adams(1921); a founder of The Fortean Society in 1931
Tate, Peter  Day the Wind Died, The  1969 MAR  nv  ( ?- ) Welsh journalist; 1st story pub. sf "The Post-Mortem People," NWS 1966 MAR; has coll. Seagulls under Glass(1975); novels The Thinking Seat(1969), Moon on an Iron Meadow(1974), Faces in the Flames(1976), The Swallow(1986), The Nightjar(1989)
Taylor, Graves  Roommate, The  1951 FEB  ss  1st pub. story, long active in music & radio
Taylor, Jared  Tale of the Two Queens, The  1991 AUG  ss  (1951- ) born in Kobe, Japan; founding editor American Renaissance; has nf books Shadows of the Rising Sun(1983), a sociological study of Japanese society, & Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America(1992)
Taylor, L.  Cartoon: Anti Matter—Anti Men—Anti War  1988 APR  ct  working name for Lynne Taylor
   Cartoon  1989 MAY  ct 
Taylor, L.A.  Da Capo Copies, The  1982 MAY  ss  (1939-1996) wn. for Laurie Aylma Taylor Sparer; born in Tappan, NY; lives in Minneapolis; has poetry coll. Changing the Past(1981); has J.J. Jamison private eye mys. ser., Only Half a Hoax(1984), Deadly Objectives(1985), etc; see her obit in LOC 1996 JUL
Taylor, Michael D.  Plenty of Nothing  1981 NOV  ss  has 1969 PhD in Mathematics from Florida State Univ.; Professor of Mathematics at a Florida university
Taylor, Robert  Sense of Beauty, A  1968 AUG  ss  (1946- ) a senior at San Diego State Univ.
Taylor, Robert C.  Prisoner of History, A  1998 JUN  ss  (1946- ) Robert Culbert Taylor; served in the Defense Language Institute during the Vietnam War; 1st story pub. "Idiot's Mate" in AMZ 1968 SEP(N-1968 NEB), & has short story "Freedom Across the River" in AMZ 1972 JUL, as Robert A. Taylor
Teichner, Albert  Fourth Tense of Time, The  1970 MAY  ss  Albert R. Teichner, a WWII vet(mostly in New Guinea & the Philippines); has MA from Columbia Univ.; 1st story pub. sf "Man Made" in AMZ 1960 JAN as Albert R. Teichner
   Ultimate Thrill, The  1970 SEP  nv  has stories in anth. Anon.(ed): The 6 Fingers of Time(1965; stories from IFS 1959-1961), Damon Knight(ed): Orbit 10(1972), & Orbit 13(1974)
Tem, Steve Rasnic  Halloween Street  1999 JUL  ss  (1950- ) N-1999 STO, shfi; 1st story in Halloween Street ser.; born in Jonesville, VA; lives in Denver, CO, w. wife/writer Melanie Tem; has BA in English Ed.; 1st story pub. "Hideout" in Torgeson(ed): Other Worlds 1(1979); has website at
   Tricks & Treats: One Night on Halloween Street  1999 DEC  ss  2nd story in Halloween Street ser.; has 1st novel, Excavation(1987; N-1988 STO); horror ss, Fairytales(1990), & na, Celestial Inventory(1991); colls. Absences(1991), Decoded Mirrors(1992); novel w. wife Melanie, Beautiful Strangers(1992); see CA, vol.165
Tenn, William  Tenants, The  1954 APR  ss  (1919- ) ps. for Philip Klass, writer & academic, served in WWII; 1st story pub. sf "Alexander the Bait" in ASF 1946 MAY; has anth. Children of Wonder(1953), Once Against the Law(1968, with Donald E. Westlake)
   Eastward Ho!  1958 OCT  ss  has colls. Of All Possible Worlds(1955), The Human Angle(1956), Time in Advance(1958), The Seven Sexes(1968), The Square Root of Man(1968), The Wooden Star(1968)
   Masculinist Revolt, The  1965 AUG  nv  N-1965 NEB, novelette; teaches writing & sf at Pennsylvania State College from 1966; has novella A Lamp for Medusa(FAD 1951 OCT as "Medusa Was a Lady!"; 1968 chap), in which an American falls into a parallel world(Clute)
   Jazz Then, Musicology Now  1972 MAY  ar  "looks at the long-range change in campus attitudes toward sf"; Tenn has novel Of Men and Monsters(1968); see his interview in LOC 1996 JUN(#425)
   Curiosities: Dr. Arnoldi, by Tiffany Thayer, 1934  1998 AUG  br  Tiffany Thayer(1902-1959), famous for his coutroom drama novel Thirteen Men(1930), & novels Call Her Savage(1931; 1932 movie), Thirteen Women(1931); Dr. Arnoldi(1934), recounts the grisly implications of being both immortal & unkillable(Clute)
Tennyson, Alfred  Kraken, The  1951 FEB  pm  (1809-1892) appointed Poet Laureate of England in 1850; 1st book Poems, by Two Brothers(1827); poem "The Lady of Shalott"(1832); epic poems, Idylls of the King(1859; 1869; 1871; 1872; 1885); see website
Tepper, Sheri S.  Gazebo, The  1990 OCT  ss  (1929- ) 1st story in Crazy Carol series; born near Littleton, CO; pub. three poems in GAL 1961-1964 as Sheri S. Eberhart; 1st pub. novel fantasy True Game ser. King's Blood Four(1983; N-1984 LOC), Necromancer Nine(1983), Wizard's Eleven(1984)
   Raccoon Music  1991 FEB  ss  2nd story in Crazy Carol ser.; has Marianne fantasy ser., The Marianne Trilogy(1990 omni); horror Blood Heritage(1986), sequel The Bones(1987); horror Still Life(1989 as E.E. Horlak); sf/f Beauty(1991; W-1992 LOC; N-MYT); mys. ps. A.J. Orde, B.J. Oliphant
   Gourmet, The  1991 OCT/NOV  ss  3rd & last story in Crazy Carol ser.; has sf novels The Awakeners(1987), After Long Silence(1987; N-1988 LOC), Gibbon's Decline and Fall(1996; N-1997 CLA, LOC), The Family Tree(1997; N-1998 CLA, LOC); see iv's in LOC 1998 SEP, & SFC 1998/99 DEC/JAN
Tevis, Walter  Other End of the Line, The  1961 NOV  ss  Walter Stone Tevis; has sf novel The Man Who Fell to Earth(1963; made into 1976 movie); has coll. Far from Home(1981), & novel Mockingbird(1980); non-sf novel The Queen's Gambit(1984), about chess; his work is what he calls "disguised autobiographies"
   Echo  1980 OCT  ss  has sf novel The Steps of the Sun (1983), the story about an impotent tycoon who revivifies himself & perhaps the world by finding a sentient, motherly & cornucopian planet on his first spaceflight & bringing her gifts back home(Clute)
Tevis, Walter S.  Far From Home  1958 DEC  vi  (1928-1984) English Prof. Univ. of Ohio; 1st story pub. sf "The Ifth of Oofth" in GAL 1957 APR; best known for "The Hustler"(PBY 1957 JAN; exp. into novel, 1959; basis 1961 movie The Hustler, with Paul Newman; sequel 1986 movie The Color of Money)
Thelwell  Cartoon  1957 MAR  ct  1st pub. in Punch, 20 APR 1955; from the U.K., he has pub. cartoons in the U.K. version of Argosy, incl. a series titled "An Englishman Abroad ...", in 1965 AUG, SEP, & Oct
Thielen, Paul  Money Builder, The  1969 AUG  nv  has had fiction & nf pub. in several national magazines incl. ARG
Thomas, Gilbert  Face Is Familiar, The  1966 APR  ss  has written & produced for radio & TV, & pub. mystery fiction; written articles on the Far East for The Saturday Review, etal; has pub. in EQMM, incl. "Natural Selection" in EQMM 1950 AUG
   Luana  1966 SEP  ss 
   "... But for the Grace Of God"  1967 JUN  ss 
   Butterfly Was 15  1968 SEP  ss 
   Come Up and See Me Sometime  1969 NOV  ss 
Thomas, Michael  Nightwatch  1997 MAR  nv  his 1st pub. short story; professional freelance writer, makes his living as a nf writer; managing editor of Detroit Medical News, a weekly news mag. for physicians, & the Bulletin of the Michigan Psychiatric Society
   Sometimes a Helix Is a Circle  1999 APR  nv  lives in Michigan; works as managing editor of the Detroit Medical News, & the Bulletin of the Michigan Psychiatric Society; story inspired by Thoreau's ~ "what good is a telegraph line that stretches from NY to CA, if NY has nothing to say to CA?"
   Time Thief, The  1999 DEC  nv  this story based on the true events at Henry Ford's plant, the Battle of the Overpass, & the Hunger March
Thomas, Ted  Science Springboard, The: Earth Tremor Detection  1966 NOV  ar  (1920- ) use of seismographs; wn. for Theodore L(ockard) Thomas, & in F&SF as such, incl. this ser.; writer, patent attorney; 1st stories pub. "The Revisitor"(SSF 1952 SEP), & "Improbable Profession"(ASF 1952 SEP; w. Charles Harness as Leonard Lockard)
   Science Springboard, The: Martian Atmosphere, The  1966 DEC  ar  data from Mariner IV on Mar's atmosphere
   Science Springboard, The: Interplanetary Dust  1967 JAN  ar  interplanetary dust, estimated composition, size, charge, & origin; a prolific author, Ted (or Theodore L.) Thomas has pub. dozens of stories in SFQ, FUT, GAL, ASF & ANA, FAN, SFS, PLS, AMZ, IFS, WOT, NWS, & SSF, as well as in anth.
   Science Springboard, The: Intelligent Computer, The  1967 FEB  ar  possibility of building an intelligent computer started in 1956 at Dartmouth College; Thomas served in WWII w. the ski troops of the Mountain Artillery, & was a 1st Lt. of the Infantry in Occupied Japan; has an MIT degree in chemical engineering
   Science Springboard, The: Cloud Seeding  1967 APR  ar  weather control by seed ing the atmosphere; Thomas has a law degree from Georgetown Univ. Law Center; works as a patent attorney at the Armstrong Cork Company
   Science Springboard, The: Red Shift, The  1967 MAY  ar  Doppler's Law and the meaning of the red shift; what is the origin of light itself
   Science Springboard, The: Mosquito  1967 AUG  ar  mosquito research & control

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