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Underwood, R.  Crazy Mathematician, The  1964 APR  ss  from Lubbock, Texas, he writes technical articles as R.S. Underwood, such as "Are We Alone in the Universe" in The Navigator(the official U.S.A.F. quarterly), & textbooks
United States Air Force  Unidentified Aerial Objects  1956 APR  ar  1st pub. in ?; the U.S.A.F. gives a negative report on the possibility of UFOs
Updike, John  Cosmic Gall  1961 NOV  pm  (1932- ) 1st pub. in NYM, 17 DEC 1960; John Hoyer Updike; only his 1st novel is sf, The Poorhouse Fair(1959); has novels The Coup(1978), The Witches of Eastwick(1984; made into 1987 movie), & Brazil(1994); has been pub. in ESQ, PBY, PST, etc
Urban, Helen M.  Finer Breed, The  1956 MAR  ss  has short stories "Pass the Salt" in SCF #13 1955, "Heart Ache" in AUT #65 1956, "The Cat & the Canaries" in FUN 1957 FEB, "The Glory of Ippling" in GAL 1962 DEC, & "Tag" in Asimov, etal(ed): Microcosmic Tales(1980)
Utley, Steven  Losing Streak  1977 JAN  spf  (1948- ) "an affectionate parody of a well-known F&SF contributor"; lives in Austin, TX; a graduate of Syracuse Univ.; 1st story pub. "The Unkindest Cut of All" in anth. Perry Rhodan 20(1972)
   Upstart  1977 FEB  vi  has used ps. Bruce Holt in semiprozine Shayol, and ps. S. Dale in Shayol, & ASI(3 poems in ASI 1977 WIN, 1978 MAY/JUN, & 1980 FEB); he has pub. over 75 short stories & over 70 poems since 1972 thru mid-2002
   Maw, The  1977 JUL  ss  see article by Howard Waldrop, "Nickelodean's Naked Neo-Pro Discovery: Steven Utley," in Nickelodean #1 1975; has anth. with George W. Procter, Lone Star Universe: Speculative Fiction & Fantasy from Texas(1976)
   Genocide Man  1979 APR  ss  has an alternate history novelette with Howard Waldrop(a frequent collaborator with Utley), "Custer's Last Jump" in Terry Carr(ed): Universe 6(1976), was N-1976 NEB & 1977 LOC, & pub. in pamphlet form in 1977; has na "The Glowing Cloud" in ASI 1992 JAN
   Beasts of Love, The  1981 JAN  ss  has Silurian Age Tales series, time travel stories from the age when trilobytes ruled the Earth; series pub. in ASI 1996 MAY, 2000 DEC, 2002 JAN, & FEB; F&SF 2000 DEC, & 2002 FEB; & online at Sci Fiction on 2000 AUG 30, & NOV 22
   Look Away  1992 FEB  ss  this an alternate history story, with the South victorious in the Civil War, but with a unique spin; has fiction coll. Ghost Seas(1997); poetry colls. This Impatient Ape(1998 chap), & Career Moves of the Gods(2000 chap)

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