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Vamosi, Robert  With or Without You  1994 JUL  ss  story given in TOC as "With You or Without You"; Vamosi attended 1993 Clarion; graduate of Northwestern Univ., w. a double major in Film & English Literature; as a student, he wrote, co-produced & directed an award-nominated 16 mm film, "The Contender"
Van Doren, Charles  S R  1957 JUL  ss  (1926- ) ex-Columbia Univ. professor; 1957 winner on TV quiz show Twenty-One, & subject of movie Quiz Show(1994); co-author with Ralph J. Roske of book, Lincoln's Commando: The Biography of Commander William B. Cushing, USN(1957)
Van Doren, Mark  Little Place, The  1957 JUN  ss  (1894-1972) 1st pub. in his coll. Nobody Say a Word and Other Stories(1953); born in Hope, IL; Columbia Univ. professor 1920-1959; 1st book criticism, Henry Davis Thoreau(1916); father of author & scholar Charles Van Doren(also in F&SF)
   Great Deal of Weather, A  1957 SEP  ss  1st pub. in 1953; has criticism books, The Poetry of John Dryden(1920), The Best of Hawthorne(1951), Don Quixote's Profession(1958); 1st poetry coll. Spring Thunder and Other Poems(1924); Collected Poems, 1922-1938(1939; W-1940 Pulitzer Prize)
   Witch of Ramoth, The  1958 APR  ss  1st pub. in his coll. Nobody Say a Word(1953); has 1st two novels, The Transients(1935), Windless Cabins(1940); poetry colls. Our Lady of Peace and Other War Poems(1942), etc; Collected Stories(3 vols., 1962, 1965, 1968); The Autobiography of M.V.D.(1958)
Van Gelder, Gordon  Editorial  1997 JUN  ed  (1966- ) born in NY, grew up in NJ; lives in Hoboken, NJ; worked 1988-94 as an editor & reviewer for The New York Review of Science Fiction; has worked for St. Martin's Press 1988 JUL-2000 OCT; outlines his job & how he will avoid conflicts of interests
   Editor's Recommendations  1997 JUN  br  Karen Joy Fowler: The Sweetheart Season; Damon Knight: In Search of Wonder(3rd edition), & Humpty Dumpty: An Oval; Jake Page: Operation Shatterhand; briefly, Ray Bradbury: Quicker Than the Eye; Harlan Ellison: Edgeworks 2; & 4 more
   Editor's Recommendations  1997 JUL  br  Pat Murphy: Nadya; Oates: American Gothic Tales; Womack: novels Ambient, Elvissey, Terraplane, & Heathern; Kornbluth: His Share of Glory; Blumlein: The Brains of Rats; Joe Haldeman: None So Blind; Nahin: Time Travel; Bova: Space Travel; de Lint: Trader
   Editor's Recommendations  1997 AUG  br  Douglas E. Winter(ed): Revelations; Elizabeth Hand: Glimmering; J.G. Ballard: Crash; Rudy Rucker: Freeware; R. Garcia y Robertson: Atlantis Found("The Moon Maid," F&SF 1996 JUL, became part of it); Sargent(ed): Nebula Awards 31; Geoff Ryman: 253
   Editor's Recommendations  1997 SEP  br  Robert Silverberg: Sorcerers of Majipoor; Rebecca Brand: The Ruby Tear; Jack McDevitt: Eternity Road; Steve Erickson: American Nomad; Sam Moskowitz: Explorers of the Infinite: Shapers of Science Fiction(1963); Van Gelder N-1997-2000 HUG, editing F&SF
   Editorial  1997 OCT/NOV  ed  intro to Walter M. Miller Jr's novel A Canticle for Liebowitz(F&SF 1955 APR, 1956 AUG, 1957 FEB; 1959 fixup), & sequel, Saint Liebowitz and the Wild Horse Woman(1997; N-1998 NEB), excerpt in this issue; Miller died in 1996, Terry Bisson finished the novel
   Editorial  1997 DEC  ed  "what death of science fiction?"; responds to doomsayers, incl. Thomas F. Bertonneau & his article in Chronicles, "Science Fiction, R.I.P"; Van Gelder was N-1989-1992 HUG, for editing best semi-prozine, The New York Review of S. F., w. Hartwell & Cramer
   Editor's Recommendations  1998 FEB  br  Merril(ed): The Year's Best S-F anth. ser.; Bester: Virtual Unrealities; Beagle: Giant Bones, & The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzche and Other Odd Acquaintances; Soukup: The Arbitrary Placement of Walls; Lloyd Alexander: The Iron Ring; 5 more
   Editor's Recommendations  1998 APR  br  Scott Westerfeld: Polymorph; Hendrix: Lightpaths; S.V. Dąte: Final Orbit; Benford(ed): The New Hugo Winners Vol.IV; Mark Sumner: Devil's Tower, & Devil's Engine; Card & Ferrell(ed): Black Mist; Faust: Bodekker's Demons; Shea: The Mines of Behemoth; 3 more
   Editor's Recommendations  1998 MAY  br  Hartwell(ed): The Science Fiction Century; Kessel: The Pure Product; Di Filippo: Fractal Paisleys; Kit Reed: Weird Women, Wired Women; Lethem: The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye; David Bowman: Bunny Modern; Benford: Cosm; Joe Haldeman: Forever Peace
   Editorial  1998 JUN  ed  "what stays in print?"; past, present, & future looks at in-print life ranges for paperback & hardcover, mass-market & trade pb's; all leading up to the new "Curiosities" column which will replace Mike Resnick's "Forgotten Treasures" column
   Editorial  1998 JUL  ed  intro to the FSF Goes to the Movies Special Issue; Van Gelder W-2000 & N-1996, 1998 WFA, Pro Editing(St. Martin's, F&SF); also N-1998-2002 LOC & NEB, Best Editor; during his tenure at F&SF it has been N-1997-2002 HUG, 1997-2001 LOC, W-2002 LOC, Best Mag.
   Editor's Recommendations  1998 AUG  br  Skal: Screams of Reason, & The Monster Show; Disch: The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of; Ellison: Edgeworks 4; Sturgeon: Thunder and Roses; The Timeless Tales of Reginald Bretnor; Robertson: The Moon Maid; Dann & Dozois(ed): Clones; 4 more
   Editorial  1998 OCT/NOV  ed  response to article "Close Encounter: The Squandered Promise of Science Fiction" by Jonathan Lethem, Voice Literary Supplement, 1998 JUN, that states SF lost a chance for mainstream fiction's respect by not giving Thomas Pynchon's Gravity Rainbow '73 NEB
   Editor's Recommendations  1998 DEC  br  Avram Davidson & Grania Davis: The Boss in the Wall; Cady: The Night We Buried Road Dog; Jean Ray: Malpertuis; Kress: Dynamic Characters; Le Guin: Steering the Craft; Van Gelder & Ferman have anth. The Best from F&SF: The Fiftieth Anniversary Anth.(1999)
   Editor's Recommendations  1999 APR  br  Hand: Last Summer at Mars Hill; McAuley: The Invisible Country; Kress: Beaker's Dozen; Leinster: First Contacts; Wilson: The Cleft and Other Tales; Oates: The Collector of Hearts; Pollack: Burning Sky; Utley: Ghost Seas; Di Filippo: Lost Pages; 2 more
   Editorial  1999 OCT/NOV  ed  intro to 50th Anniversary Issue; "the most significant change(in F&SF over 50 years) came with #2 when the words "Science Fiction" were added to the title ... we have every intention of bringing you many fantastic beasts thru the coming century"
   Editorial  1999 DEC  ed  "quick look at some of the perceived shifts" in publishing: Conglomerization to devour publishing, giant book store chains to rule the world; publishing has gotten ruder; media tie-ins to destroy the field; kids don't read sf anymore or attend conventions
Van Scyoc, Sydney  Zack With His Scar  1963 MAR  ss  (1939- ) Sydney Joyce Van Scyoc; born in Mount Vernon, IN; an Air Force wife; 1st story pub. sf "Shatter the Wall" in GAL 1962 FEB; has 1st novel Saltflower(1971), in which aliens seed Earth to produce a new breed of "men"(Clute)
   One Man's Dream  1964 NOV  ss  now lives in Hawaii; has novels Assignment Nor'Dyren(1973), Starmother (1976), Cloudcry(na "Deathsong" in GAL 1974 FEB; exp. 1977); has Sunstone Scrolls trilogy, Darkchild(1981), Bluesong(1983), & Starsilk(1984); omnibus Daughters of the Sunstone(1985)
   Unidentified Fallen Object  1969 JAN  ss  has Brackrath series in ASI 1980 & 1982; has novels Sunwaifs(1981), the story of 6 mutant human children born on a distant, hostile planet; Drowntide(1987), Featherstroke(1989), Deepwater Dreams(1991); see website
van Vogt, A.E.  Process  1950 DEC  ss  (1912-2000) Alfred E. van Vogt, born in Canada; 1st story pub. "The Black Destroyer" in ASF 1939 JUL; most stories pub. in ASF; 1st novel Slan(ASF 1940 SEP-DEC; 1946); has book Reflections of A.E. van Vogt(1975); see iv Platt: Dream Makers(1980; 1987)
Vance, Jack  Green Magic  1963 JUN  ss  (1916- ) working name for John Holbrook Vance; born in San Francisco, attended high school in L.A. & the Univ. of California; served in the Merchant Marines during WWII; 1st story pub. "The World Thinker" in TWS 1945 SUM; used ps. John Holbrook
   Overworld, The  1965 DEC  nv  1st story in Cugel the Clever ser.; takes place in "the strange land known as Almery ..." & "the stranger land once known as Cutz"; this ser. the sequel to Vance's 1st novel The Dying Earth(1950, coll. linked stories); has coll. Future Tense(1964)
   Mountains of Magnatz, The  1966 FEB  nv  2nd story in Cugel the Clever series; has novel Big Planet(STS 1952 SEP; cut 1957; full version 1978) & its sequel Showboat World(1975); novels Son of the Tree(TWS 1951 JUN; 1964), The Houses of Iszm(STS 1954 SPR; 1964), To Live Forever(1956)
   Sorcerer Pharesm, The  1966 APR  nv  3rd story in Cugel the Clever series; has novel Slaves of the Klau(SPS 1952 DEC as "Planet of the Damned"; cut 1958; full version as Gold and Iron, 1982); 1st mystery novel The Man in the Cage, as by John Holbrook Vance, W-1960 EDG
   Pilgrims, The  1966 JUN  nv  4th story in Cugel the Clever ser.; has novels The Languages of Pao(1958), Space Opera(1965); na "The Dragon Masters"(GAL 1962 AUG; 1963) W-1963 HUG; na "The Last Castle"(GAL 1966 APR; 1967) W-1966 NEB; 1967 HUG(nv); W-1996 NEB, Grandmaster
   Manse of Iucounu, The  1966 JUL  nv  N-1966 NEB; 5th story in Cugel the Clever series; this ser. coll., The Eyes of the Overworld(1966 fixup); others in ser. - Morreion: A Tale of the Dying Earth(Flashing Swords #1, 1973; 1979 chap), A Bagful of Dreams(1979 chap); 1 more ser. story, 1974 OCT
   Faceless Man, The  1971 FEB  no-1/2  1st story in his planet Durdane, or Gastel Etzwane series, a trilogy; "... about a land called Shant, which is under the rule of Anome, aka the mysterious Faceless Man, whose justice adheres to one simple principle: He who breaks the law, dies"
   Faceless Man, The  1971 MAR  no-2/2  has Demon Princes ser. The Star King(1964), The Killing Machine(1964), The Palace of Love(1967), The Face(1979), The Book of Dreams(1981); Planet of Adventure ser. City of the Chasch(1968), Servants of the Wankh(1969), The Dirdir(1969), The Pnume(1970)
   Brave Free Men, The  1972 JUL  no-1/2  N-1973 LOC, novel; 2nd story in his planet Durdane, or Gastel Etzwane ser.; Etzwane tries to uncover the mystery of the origins of the half-human race known as the Roguskhoi, who attack the civilized people of Shant; Vance W-1984 WFA, Lifetime Achievement
   Brave Free Men, The  1972 AUG  no-2/2  has Alastor Cluster seq. Trullion(1973), Marune(1975), Wyst(1978), Alastor(1995); Gaen Reach seq. The Gray Prince(1974), Maske: Thaery(1976); Cadwell Chronicles seq. Araminta Station(1987), Ecce and Old Earth(1991), Throy(1992); see website
   Asutra, The  1973 MAY  no-1/2  3rd story in his planet Durdane, or Gastel Etzwane series, the last novel in a trilogy; the Asutra are small parasitical creatures which act as mentors for its hosts - perhaps their invasion of Shant is the "preliminary phase of a larger campaign"
   Asutra, The  1973 JUN  no-2/2  has Lyonesse seq. Suldrun's Garden(1983), The Green Pearl(1985), Madouc(1989); colls. Eight Fantasms and Magics(1969), The Worlds of ...(1973), Best of ...(1976), The Moon Moth(1976), Galactic Effectuator(1980), Lost Moons(1982); website
   Seventeen Virgins, The  1974 OCT  nv  N-1975 BFA, JUP, LOC; 6th & last story in Cugel the Clever ser.; this story w. others coll. in Cugel's Saga(1983), part of Dying Earth seq., as is Rhialto the Marvelous(1984), The Laughing Magician(1998); has novels Night Lamp(1996), Ports of Call(1998)
Vance, Steve  Last Night on Dugan's World  1982 MAY  nv  (1951- ) lives in GA; has sf adventure novels Planet of the Gawfs(1977), All the Shattered Worlds(1980), The Hybrid(1981), The Hyde Effect(1986), The Asgard Run(1990); since late 1980s wrote mostly horror, The Abyss(1989), Spook(1990), Shapes(1991)
Vandercook, John W.  Challenge, The  1956 MAR  ss  (1902-1963) 1st pub. in EQMM 1952 JUL; war correspondent & news analyst for ABC; has nf Tom-Tom(1926), about Surinam; Dark Islands(1937), about Fiji, New Guinea & the Solomon Islands; biography of Henri Christophe, Emperor of Haiti, Black Majesty(1928)
   Funk  1960 NOV  nv  (1902-1963) 1st pub. in 1930; has 1st novel Forty Stay In(1931); Bertram Lynch, League of Nations P.I. mys. ser. Murder in Trinidad(1933), Murder in Fiji(1936), Murder in Haiti(1956); nf Caribbee Cruise(1938), King Cane: The Story of Sugar in Hawaii(1939)
Varley, John  Picnic on Nearside  1974 AUG  nv  (1947- ) his 1st pub. sf story, "was soon thought to be the most significant new writer of the 1970s"(Clute); has "The Barbie Murders" in ASI 1978 JAN/FEB W-1979 LOC; N-1979 HUG, & "Blue Champagne" in Martin(ed): New Voices 4(1981) W-1982 LOC; N-1982 HUG
   Retrograde Summer  1975 FEB  nv  N-1975 NEB; 1976 LOC, novelette; this story shares same theme, as "Picnic on Nearside" in F&SF 1974 AUG, of "vast changes in the traditional roles of sex & family, this time ... on Mercury"; Varley N-1975 & 1976 JWCA, Best New Writer
   Black Hole Passes, The  1975 JUN  nv  N-1976 LOC, nv; has 1st novel, part of Eight Worlds seq., The Ophiuchi Hotline(1977; N-1978 LOC), which also incl. colls. The Persistence of Vision(1978; W-1979 HUG, LOC) & Blue Champagne(1986; W-1987 LOC), & novel Steel Beach(1992; N-1993 HUG, LOC)
   In the Bowl  1975 DEC  nv  N-1976 LOC, NEB, novelette; has Titan or Gaean seq. novels Titan(ANA 1979 JAN-APR; 1979; W-1980 LOC; N-1979 NEB; 1980 HUG), Wizard(1980; N-1981 HUG, LOC), Demon(1984; N-1985 LOC), about a mission to explore Saturn's largest satellite(Clute)
   Funhouse Effect, The  1976 DEC  nv  has coll. The Persistence of Vision(1978; W-1979 LOC); has novel Millennium(ASI 1977 SPR as "Air Raid" by Herb Boehm; exp. 1983; N-1984 HUG, LOC; made into 1989 movie), time-travel story in which plane crash victims are teleported to the future
   In the Hall of the Martian Kings  1977 FEB  nv  W-1978 JUP; N-1978 HUG, LOC, novella; "the stranding of a Mars expedition & their desperate struggle to survive until a rescue mission can be mounted"; has coll. The Barbie Murders(1980; W-1981 LOC; 1995 TIP; vt Picnic on Nearside, 1984)
   Persistence of Vision, The  1978 MAR  na  W-1978 NEB; 1979 HUG, LOC, na; a man takes a cross-country trek & ends up as a guest at a community of deaf & blind people, where he learns their "language"; becomes a part of his Eight Worlds sequence; see website

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