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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Wade, Susan  Convertible Coven, The  1994 MAR  ss  (1955- ) lives in Austin, TX; has story "Pandora's Game" in New Pathways 1990 NOV; did the cover art for Pulphouse: A Fiction Magazine, #17 1994; see her entry in CA, vol.171
   Intruders  1995 JUL  ss  "story started to gell one evening when I ... saw the figure of a man inside my house ... the character who seemed to fit with him to make a story was Julia ..."; has pub. over 15 stories thru mid-2002 in RoF, AMZ, PLP, & in many of Ellen Datlow's anth.
   Recent Vintage, A  1997 MAY  nv  has 1st novel, Walking Rain(1996; N-EDG, for best paperback original), a mystery crime novel set in New Mexico, where a young woman inherits a small ranch, as well as an unresolved hate crime & family ghosts
Wagar, W. Warren  Day of No-Judgment, The  1986 APR  nv  (1932- ) 1st story in Ira Walker series; wn. for Walter Warren Wagar; history professor at State Univ. of New York(Binghampton); 1st story pub. sf "Heart's Desire" in ASI 1984 JUL; has books related to SF - H.G. Wells and the World State(1961)
   President's Worm, The  1986 SEP  ss  has SF-related books - H.G. Wells: Journalism and Prophecy, 1893-1946(coll. of essays, 1964), Terminal Visions: The Literature of Last Things(1982), A Short History of the Future(1989), latter a speculative history of the next 200 years told from 2200 AD
   Night of No Joy, The  1987 JUN  nv  2nd story in Ira Walker series; story concerned about an "effect" that begins as a series of anomalies, an upsurge in randomness that results in a world that is not quite the same
   Time of No Troubles, The  1988 DEC  na  3rd & last story in Ira Walker series; in this story a new "sanity" arrives, & the questions about the 'effect' & what has happened to the world begin to be answered
   Husband of Puma St. Louis Desire, The  1989 JUL  nv  has pub. 9 stories in mags. F&SF & ASI, and in anth. Pamela Sargent & Ian Watson(ed): Afterlives(1986), George Zebrowski(ed): Synergy 1(1987), & Carol Serling & Martin H. Greenberg(ed): Journeys to the Twilight Zone(1993)
Wagner, Karl Edward  In the Pines  1973 AUG  nv  (1945-1994) born in Knoxville, TN; has 1st novel & Kane ser. Darkness Weaves with Many Shades(1970), Death Angel's Shadow(1973), coll. The Book of Kane(1985); colls. In a Lonely Place(1983), Exorcisms and Ecstasies(1997); see obit in LOC 1994 NOV(#406)
Wainwright, Ruth Laura  Mint, in d/j  1954 JUN  ss  also has short story "Green Grew the Lasses" in GAL 1953 JUL
Wakefield, H.R.  Professor Pownall's Oversight  1950 SUM  ss  (1888-1964) 1st pub. in The Royal Magazine 1928 MAR, as "The Unseen Player"; working name for Herbert Russell Wakefield, U.K. writer noted for ghost stories; has coll. They Return at Evening(1928)
   Gorge of the Churels, The  1951 OCT  ss  has colls. Old Man's Beard(1929; vt Others Who Returned, 1929 US), Imagine a Man in a Box(1931), Ghost Stories(1932), A Ghostly Company(1935), The Clock Strikes Twelve(1940), Strayers from Sheol(1961), The Best Ghost Stories of ... (1978)
Waldo, Thayer  Lunatick, The  1974 MAR  ss  (1919- ) born in Paris, international correspondent, freelance writer for 30 years; has had stories in PST, HRP, Holiday, etc; lives in Mexico; see his Warren Commission testimony at
   Stillness at Sordera, A  1976 MAR  nv  working on a book about U.S. policy in Latin America since WWII
Waldrop, Howard  Five More SF Biopics We Don't Need (And the Spins and High Concepts That Will Be Put on Them)  1998 JUL  misc  (1946- ) 1.What's It All About?; 2.Nobody Kicks Earth!; 3.That Bright Pink Light; 4.Go Ask Tip; 5.Of Time and the Miskatonic; 1st story pub. "Lunchbox" in ANA 1972 MAY; 1st novel w. Jake Saunders, The Texas-Israeli War: 1999(ss, GAL 1973 JUN; exp. 1974)
   Mr. Goober's Show  1998 SEP  ss  N-1999 LOC, short story; 1st pub. in Omni Online, 1998 MAR; has sf novel of time travel & parallel worlds, Them Bones(1984; N-1994 DIC; 1995 CCR, LOC); see iv's in LOC 1988 AUG, INZ 1991 OCT, Talebones 1995 FLL, Eidolon 1996 SPR; website at
   Dynasters, Vol. I, The: On the Downs  1999 OCT/NOV  ss  N-1999 WFA, shfi; 2000 LOC, ss; has na A Dozen Tough Jobs(1989); colls. Howard Who?(1986), All About Strange Monsters of the Recent Past(1987; N-1988 LOC, STO), Strange Things in Close Up(1989), Night of the Cooters(1991; 1993), Going Home Again(1997)
Walker, Anne  Oversight of Dirty-Jets Ryan, The  1961 DEC  ss  ps. for Anne Gutterman; as Walker, has short story in "A Matter of Proportion" in ASF 1959 AUG
Walker, Paul  Affair With a Lonesome Monster  1972 JUN  ss  (1921- ) writer & critic; has book reviews in GAL 1977 NOV-1979 MAR; has 3 stories in GAL 1978 MAR, JUN, & NOV; book of interviews, Speaking of Science Fiction: The Paul Walker Interviews(1978); sf novel Who Killed Utopia?(1980)
Wallace, Floyd  Privates All  1961 SEP  nv  ( ?-? ) also goes under the byline F.L. Wallace;1st story pub. sf "Hideaway" in ASF 1951 FEB; pub. many stories in GAL; has Australian coll. Worlds in Balance(1955), & novel Address: Centauri(1952 GAL APR as "Accidental Flight"; exp. 1955); also in VSF
Walling, William  Rings on Her Fingers  1970 SEP  ss  (1926- ) his 1st pub. story, but not his 1st sale - has already sold his 1st novel, No One Goes There Now(1971), about a human culture on a colony planet confronted by aliens who will not abide our games of violence(Clute); William Herbert Walling
   Unsigned, The  1971 APR  ss  Walling is an aerospace engineer
   Sorrowful Host, The  1971 DEC  ss  has novel "Earth, Air, Fire, and Water," with Stephen Nemeth, pub. in ANA 1974 FEB-APR
   Devil We Know, The  1973 JAN  ss  has novel, The World I Left Behind Me(1979), about Project Demeter & a race to achieve interstellar flight, against impossible odds
   Triggerman  1979 SEP  nv 
Wallsten, Robert  Punk's Progress  1963 FEB  ss  (1912- ) former Broadway actor, WWII naval officer; N-1961 EDG, for Best Short Story, "Children of Alda Nuova," in EQMM; wrote 43 TV dramas, 6 plays, & many stories in popular mags.; had article "Shakespere on the Jungle Circuit" in COL 1944 DEC 9
Walpole, Horace  Saturnian Celia  1957 APR  vi  (1717-1797) 1st pub. in The Letters of Horace Walpole(1903); U.K. writer, has novels The Castle of Otranto(1765), The Mysterious Mother(1768), coll. Hieroglyphic Tales(1785; 1981 ed. Gross); see Smith: Horace Walpole: Writer, Politician, Connoisseur(1967)
Walton, Bryce  Midway, The  1955 FEB  ss  (1918-1988) born in Blythedale, MO; lived in Hollywood, CA; was a combat correspondent for Leatherneck, covering Iwo Jima & Okinawa campaigns; scriptwriter for TV, incl. Captain Video & Alfred Hitchcock Presents
   Contract, The  1956 JUL  ss  1st story pub. "The Ultimate World" in PLS 1945 WIN; has novel Sons of the Ocean Deeps(1952), in which a failed space cadet gets a chance to mature in the benthos(Clute)
   Peace Watchers, The  1964 JUN  ss  won a 1961 award for best short story in EQMM
   Final Exam  1964 DEC  ss  has used ps. Paul Franklin & Dave Sands(latter for western stories, too) for mystery short stories; used ps. Kenneth O'Hara for 7 sf/f stories pub. between 1951-1958 in mags. STS, Orbit, FAN, MVL & IFS
   Best Is Yet to Be, The  1966 NOV  ss  has pub. over 80 stories, between 1945-1969, in IFS, EQMM, AHMM, PLS, STS, Dime Mystery, SSF, IMG, SFQ, Fear!, Jungle Stories, TWS, SSS, FAN, FUT, FUN, VSF, Orbit S.F., MVL, Vortex S.F., The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Wanley, Nathaniel  (Untitled)  1951 DEC  vi  (1634-1680) an extract from The Wonders of the Little World, 1st pub. in 1678; a 1-paragraph filler; this book illustrates the extremes of human nature with anecdotes & specific individual examples
   Two Magicians, The  1952 FEB  vi  an extract from The Wonders of the Little World, 1st pub. in 1678; a 1-paragraph filler
Ward, Andrew  Has-Been, The  1974 AUG  ss  (1946- ) born in Chicago, raised in India, Greenwich, CT; attended Oberlin College & the Rhode Island School of Design; has suspense novel of India, Blood Seed(1985), nf Our Bones Are Scattered, the Cawnpore Massacres & the Indian Mutiny of 1857(1996)
Ward, Michael  One Way Ticket to Elsewhere  1981 SEP  nv  lives in Baton Rouge, just started a job in advertising; has short stories "Wednesday Night Group" in ASI 1984 APR, "Delta D and She" in Silverberg & Randall(ed): New Dimensions 12(1981), & "Daton and the Dead Things" in Sword and Sorceress #1(1984)
Wark, Jim  Books  1963 APR  br  Wallace West: Outposts in Space
Warner, Tori  Think Snow  1973 JUN  ss 
Warren, Rosalind  Messenger, The  1987 JUN  ss  Rosalind A. Warren, her 1st pub. sf story; lives in Maine; has had work pub. in various mags. & anth.; edited books Women's Glib: A Collection of Women's Humor(1991), & Kitty Libber: Cat Cartoons by Women(1992)
Watkins, William Jon  Inverse Universe  1979 JAN  pm  (1942- ) Prof. of English at Brookdale Community College(NJ); has 1st sf novel Ecodeath(1972, w. Gene Snyder), Clickwhistle(1973), The God Machine(1973), What Rough Beast(1980), The Centrifugal Rickshaw Dancer(1985), The Last Deathship Off Antares(1989)
Watson, Billy  Man Who Told Lies, The (Quintet: IV)  1959 SEP  vi  4 of 5 vignettes: at least 1 written by a famous author, 1 by a 12 year old; answers 1959 OCT; this one, ps. for Theodore Sturgeon
Watson, Ian  My Soul Swims in a Goldfish Bowl  1978 APR  ss  (1943- ) from England, Oxford Univ. graduate; taught English at univ. in Tanzania(1965-67), Tokyo(1967-70), & at Birmingham Polytechnic(6 years); fulltime writer since 1976; 1st story pub. sf "Roof Garden Under Saturn" in NWS 1969 NOV
   World Science Fiction Convention of 2080, The  1980 OCT  ss  N-1981 BSF, short fiction; LOC, short story; has 1st novel The Embedding(1973; W-1975 Prix Apollo; N-1974 JWC; 1975 NEB), The Jonah Kit(1975; W-1978 BSF), the latter describes the imprinting of human consciousness into whales(Clute)
   Nightmares  1981 APR  ss  has novels Alien Embassy(1977), concerns the control of information & perception by the powers-that -be; The Martian Inca(1977; N-1978 LOC), in which a transformative virus invades Earth(Clute); Under Heaven's Bridge(1980), with Michael Bishop
   Call of the Wild, The: Dog-Flea Version, The (with apologies to Jack London)  1981 OCT  ss  has novels Miracle Visitors(1978), suggests that UFOs work as enticements to focus human attention on higher states of communication; God's World(1979), describes the 'gift' of an alien stardrive which will take a human team to the alien world(Clute)
   Slow Birds  1983 JUN  nv  N-1983 NEB; 1984 HUG, novelette; LOC, short story; has novel The Gardens of Delight(1980; N-1981 LOC), describes a world whose transformative energies makes its environment into a duplicate of the painting by Hieronymous Bosch(1460-1516)(Clute)
   Black Current, The  1983 NOV  nv  N-1984 LOC, novelette; 1st story in his Book of the River series; about a world split betw. East & West by a huge river, a mysterious alien creature that lives at midstream, & a young woman named Yaleen & her brother, who plan to make the first crossing
   New Year's Eve at Tambimatu  1983 DEC  nv  2nd story in his Book of the River ser.; this ser. to become the fixup novel The Book of the River(1984), part of the trilogy which also incl. The Book of the Stars(1984), The Book of Being(1985); assembled in omnibus The Books of the Black Current(1986)
   Walk to Manhome, and Away, A  1984 JAN  nv  3rd story in his Book of the River series; has novel Deathunter(1981; N1982 LOC), which suggests that humans give off a pheromone-like signal at death which attracts Death himself in the form of a moth-like insect(Clute)
   Worm's Head, The  1984 FEB  nv  4th & last story in his Book of the River series; has novels Chekhov's Journey(1983), which concerns the Tunguska explosion of 1908; Converts(1984), a comedy about evolution & the abuse of power; The Power(1987), a horror novel(Clute)

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