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Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn  Investigating Jericho  1992 APR  na  (1942- ) 1st story pub. "The Posture of Prophecy" in IFS 1969 SEP; 1st novel Time of the Fourth Horseman(1976); best known for her vampire Saint-Germain series, 1st being Hotel Transylvania(1978), recently Writ in Blood(1997); see entry in CANR, vol.77
Yasgur, Batya S. & Barry N. Malzberg  Job's Partner  1998 JUN  ss  ( ? - ? ; 1939- ) Yasgur W-1994 Robert L. Fish Memorial Award, best 1st mystery story("Me and Mr. Harry," EQMM 1994 m-DEC); has book Goodbye, Diapers: The Parent's Guide to Successful, Stress Free Toilet Training(1994); has pub. in WRT, RoF, SFAge, CMD
Yefremov, I.  Secret From Hellas, A  1967 SEP  ss  (1908-1972) trans. by Selig O. Wassner; Ivan Antonovich Yefremov, Prof. of Paleontology & writer, considered "Dean of Soviet SF"; has trans. of coll. A Meeting Over Tuscarora(1946 UK), Stories(1954); has novella in More Soviet Science Fiction(1962)
Yermakov, Nicholas  Whisper of Banshees, The  1979 AUG  ss  (1951- ) has experience in the radio & film documentary field; 1st story pub. sf "Writer's Block" in GAL 1978 FEB; has Boomerang series, Last Communion(1981), Epiphany(1982), Jehad(1984), set on a planet inhabited by aliens w. group mind powers(Clute)
   Far Removed From the Scene of the Crime  1980 APR  ss  also in F&SF as Nicholas V. Yermakov; has novels Journey from Flesh(1981), Fall Into Darkness(1982), Clique(1982); collab. with Glen A. Larson on 2 Battlestar Galactica tie-ins, The Living Legend(1981), & War of the Gods(1982)
   Melpomene, Callipoe ... and Fred  1980 DEC  ss  stopped using his real name in 1984, & legalized his ps., Simon Hawke, for adventure sf novels, Timewars seq., Timewars: The Ivanhoe Gambit(1984), #2:The Timekeeper Conspiracy(1984), #3: The Pimpernel Plot(1984), #4: The Zenda Vendetta(1985)
   Orpheus Implant, The  1981 FEB  nv  also in Timewars seq., as Simon Hawke, #5: The Nautilus Sanction(1985), #6: The Kyber Connection(1986), #7: The Argonaut Affair(1987), #8: The Dracula Caper(1988), #9: The Lilliput Legion(1989), #10: The Hellfire Rebellion(1990)
   ECM War, The  1982 APR  ss  also in Timewars seq., as Simon Hawke, #11: The Cleopatra Crisis(1990), #12: The Six-Gun Solution(1991); Psychodrome seq. Pychodrome(1987), #2: The Shapechanger(1988); Wizard seq., last The Last Wizard(1997), & Friday the 13th tie-ins as Hawke
Yermakov, Nicholas V.  Glint of Gold, A  1980 JUL  ss  also in F&SF as Nicholas Yermakov; has 8 military novels in cyborg CIA agent Jim Steele ser., the first six as by J.D. Masters, Steele(1989), Cold Steele('89), Killer Steele('90), etc, & last two as by S.L. Hunter, Fugitive Steele('91), Molten Steele('91)
Yolen, Jane  Lady and the Merman, The  1976 SEP  vi  (1939- ) wn. for Jane Hyatt Yolen Stemple, born in NYC, lives in Hatfield, MA; writer of fantasy & children's books; 1st books pub., for children, nf about women pirates, Pirates in Petticoats(1963), & a picture book in rhyme, See This Little Line(1963)
   Hundredth Dove, The  1977 APR  ss  this story will be the title story in coll. The Hundredth Dove and Other Stories(1977 chap); her colls. The Girl Who Cried Flowers(1974), & The Moon Ribbon(1977), had covers illustrated by this issue's cover artist, David Palladini
   Maiden Made of Fire, The  1977 JUL  vi  this story to be pub. in her coll. The Hundredth Dove and Other Stories(1977 chap); has 1960 BA from Smith College(Northampton, MA), 1976 MA in education from the Univ. of Massachusetts; worked in editorial jobs for var. mags. & publishers in the 1960s
   Tree's Wife, The  1978 JUN  ss  has 1st children's novel The Witch Who Wasn't(1964); Gwinellen, the Princess Who Could Not Sleep(1965 chap); The Emperor and the Kite(1968 chap; N-1968 Caldecott Award), based on her relationship w. her father who was an international kite flying champion
   Brother Hart  1978 NOV  ss  story to be in forthcoming coll. Dream Weaver(1979); has 1st novel with adult elements, The Magic Three of Solatia(1974; 1984), episodic, a sequence of 4 novellas tracing the impact of three magic buttons & their power on a group of people(Clute)
   Pot Child, The  1979 FEB  ss  story to be in her coll. Dream Weaver(1979 chap); has short stories pub. as chapbooks, The Girl Who Loved the Wind(1972), The Boy Who Had Wings(1974), The Lady and the Merman(F&SF 1976 SEP; 1979), The Sword and the Stone(F&SF 1985 DEC; 1991)
   Angelica  1979 DEC  vi  see interviews in American Fantasy 1986 FLL, The Leading Edge #26 1992, LOC 1991 JAN(#360), & 1997 AUG(#439); has anth. Zoo 2000(1973), Shape Shifters(1978); nf The Wizard Islands(1973), Writing Books for Children(1973; rev. 1983)
   Sleep of Trees, The  1980 SEP  ss  has children's novels The Wizard of Washington Square(1969), The Seventh Mandarin(1970); colls. The Girl Who Cried Flowers and Other Tales(1974 chap; W-1974 Golden Kite Award), The Moon Ribbon and Other Tales(1976 chap; N-1976 Golden Kite Award)
   River Maid, The  1981 JAN  ss  has children's novels The Transfigured Hart(1975; N-1975 Golden Kite Award; 1997), The Seeing Stick(1977; W-1977 Christopher Medal); The Mermaid's Three Wisdoms(1978), about a deaf girl & a wordless mermaid who become friends thru sign language(Clute)
   Corridors of the Sea, The  1981 SEP  ss  has sf Pit Dragon trilogy, Dragon's Blood(1982), Heart's Blood(1984), & A Sending of Dragons(1987), set on a penal planet where dragons are essential to the economy(Clute); colls. Tales of Wonder(1983), The Whitehorn Wood and Other Magicks(1984 chap)
   Neptune Rising  1982 APR  pm  has retold the original fairytale, The Sleeping Beauty(1986 chap), & also humorously twisted it as Sleeping Ugly(1981 chap)(Clute); children's novels The Boy Who Spoke Chimp(1981), Brothers of the Wind(1981), Children of the Wolf(1984)
   Sun/Flight  1982 MAY  ss  to be incl. in her coll. Neptune Rising: Songs and Tales of the Undersea Folk(1982); has anth. Favorite Folktales From Around the World(1986; W-1987 WFA); Dragons & Dreams(1986), Spaceships and Spells(1987), both w. Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh
   Sule Skerry  1982 JUL  ss  has coll. Dragonfield and Other Stories(1985; N-1986 WFA); novel Owl Moon(1987; W-1988 Caldecott Medal); anth. w. Greenberg, Things That Go Bump in the Night(1989), Vampires(1991), Xanadu 1(1993), Xanadu 2(1994; N-1995 LOC), Xanadu 3(1995; N-1996 LOC)
   Undine, The  1982 SEP  vi  has novel Cards of Grief(based on ss "In the Hall of Grief" & "Cards of Grief"; rev. & exp. 1984; W-1985 MYT; N-LOC), which is set on an alien world, & is a homage to the storytelling art & its place in the development of culture & civilization(Clute)
   Five Points of Roguery, The  1984 NOV  ss  has novel The Stone Silenus(1984); Great Alta ser., Sister Light, Sister Dark(1988; N-1989 LOC, NEB), White Jenna(1989; N-1990 LOC, NEB), both assembled in The Books of Great Alta(1990), about a young girl named Jenna prophesied to become a messiah(Clute)
   Face in the Cloth, The  1985 FEB  ss  has novel The Devil's Arithmetic(1988; N-1988 NEB; 1989 WFA, novella; 1999 movie; W-Wilbur Award), in which a young Jewish girl who lacks compassion for what her grandfather endured in the Holocaust is transported back in time to a concentration camp(B&C)
   Dragon's Boy, The  1985 SEP  ss  1st story in F&SF in her Merlin series, coll. in Merlin's Booke(1986; N-1987 WFA); other stories in series in her colls. Tales of Wonder(1983; N-1984 WFA), The Whitethorn Wood and Other Magicks(1984), & in Robin McKinley(ed): Imaginary Lands(1985)
   Sword and the Stone, The  1985 DEC  ss  2nd & last story in F&SF in her Merlin ser., to be in coll. Merlin's Booke(1986), & pub. as a chapbook in 1991; for her body of work, Yolen has won the 1985 Daedelus, 1988 Kerlan, 1989 Jewish Book Council, & 1990 Skylark Awards; she's pub. over 200 books
   Uncorking of Uncle Finn, The  1986 NOV  ss  a past president of the SFWA, Yolen has also been on the Board of Directors of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators since its inception, over 25 years ago; see her website at; has coll. The Faery Flag(1989)
   Frog Prince  1987 OCT  pm  with her youngest son, Jason Stemple, an outdoor photographer living in Colorado, Yolen has collab. on 3 books - Water Music: Poems for Children(1995), Once Upon Ice and Other Frozen Poems, & Snow, Snow: Winter Poems for Children
   Dusty Loves  1988 APR  ss  with her eldest son, Adam Stemple, a musician, Yolen has collab. on at least one book, Sing Noel(1996), a coll. of traditional Christmas carols, that incl. arrangements for piano & guitar, & introductions that describe the history of each song
   Sea Man, The  1989 MAR  ss  with her daughter, Heidi E.Y. Stemple-Piatt, a writer, Yolen has collab. on an anth. of adult folk tales, Mirror, Mirror(2000), & on an nf History Mystery series, Mary Celeste(1999), & due out soon The Wolf Girls, & Roanoke Colony
   Dear Ms. Lonelylegs  1991 OCT/NOV  vi  has poem "Will" in The Mag. of Speculative Poetry 1992 SPR, W-1993 RHY; novels The Dragon's Boy(1990), Wizard's Hall(1991), Briar Rose(1992; W-1993 MYT; N-1992 NEB; 1993 LOC, WFA), Good Griselle(1994; N-1995 MYT), The Wild Hunt(1995)
   Gift of the Magicians, With Apologies to You Know Who, The  1992 SEP  ss  this story to be pub. in Rosalind M. & Martin H. Greenberg(ed): Christmas Bestiary(1992); has colls. Here There Be Dragons(1993), Here There Be Unicorns(1994), Here There Be Witches(1995), Here There Be Angels(1996), Here There Be Ghosts(1998)
   Snatchers, The  1993 OCT/NOV  ss  has colls. Twelve Impossible Things Before Breakfast('97), Sister Emily's Lightship(2000), Not One Damsel in Distress(2001); ya nf coll. about fairy tales, The Fairies' Ring(1999); anth. Gray Heroes: Elder Tales from Around the World(1999), Sherwood(2000)
   Lady's Garden, The  1994 MAY  ss  story to be in her coll. Here There Be Unicorns(1994); has novels Hobby(1996), Passager(1996), The One-Armed Queen(1998); Armageddon Summer(1998), with Bruce Coville; ya Tartan Magic fantasy ser., The Wizard's Map(1999), The Pictish Child(1999)
York, J. Steven  Unmarked Crossing, The  1996 FEB  vi  (1957- ) working name for James Steven York; lives in Kirkland WA; founding member of the Puget Sound Writer's Cramp; a past editor of The Report, as was his wife Christina; freelance technical writer, writes reviews & articles for computer mags.
Young, Michael  Timekeeper, The  1961 SEP  ss  (1915-2002) British sociologist & writer; has nf book Family and Kinship in East London(1957); sf work The Rise of the Meritocracy 1870-2033: An Essay on Education and Equality(1958), which takes the form of a report by an historical sociologist(Clute)
Young, Robert F.  Emily and the Bards Sublime  1956 JUL  ss  (1915-1986) Robert Franklin Young; 1st story of poetic androids ser.; born & lived his whole life in Silver Creek, NY; served w. the Army in the Solomon Islands, Philippines & Japan in WWII; 1st story pub. sf "The Black Deep Thou Wingest" in STS 1953 JUN
   Flying Pan  1956 NOV  ss  Young was introduced to sf by Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan books and H.G. Wells' book Men Like Gods; while working in a steel mill, he sold his first story
   Added Inducement  1957 MAR  ss  also in F&SF with co-author Avram Davidson
   Your Ghost Will Walk   1957 JUL  ss  2nd story of poetic androids series
   Goddess in Granite  1957 SEP  nv 
   Thirty Days Had September  1957 OCT  ss 
   Report on the Sexual Behavior on Arcturus X  1957 NOV  ss 
   Santa Clause  1959 JAN  ss 
   Production Problem  1959 JUN  vi 
   To Fell a Tree  1959 JUL  nv  this story was expanded into a novel, The Last Yggdrasil(1982), about a tree-cutter on a colony planet who is hired to kill the one huge remaining tree in the area, to the detriment of the planet's ecology(Clute)
   Nikita Eisenhower Jones  1960 AUG  ss 
   Romance in a Twenty-First Century Used-Car Lot  1960 NOV  nv 
   Hopsoil  1961 JAN  ss 

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