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Zahn, Timothy  Houseguest  1982 JAN  ss  (1951- ) has master's degree in physics; 1st story pub. sf "Ernie" in ANA 1979 SEP; has story "Cascade Point," in ANA 1983 DEC, W-1984 HUG; N-1984 LOC; has colls. Cascade Point(1986; N-1987 LOC), Time Bomb and Zahndry Others(1988; N-1989 LOC)
   Peaceful Man, The  1982 SEP  ss  has 1st novel, Blackcollar seq., The Blackcollar(1983; N-1984 CCR, LOC), Blackcollar: The Backlash Mission(1986); Cobra seq., Cobra(1985), Cobra Strike(1986), Cobra Bargain(1988); both seq. about military/commando heroes in a galactic venue(Clute)
   Shadows of Evening, The  1983 MAR  ss  has novels A Coming of Age(1985), set on a colony, a mutation gives children telekinetic powers until puberty(Clute); Spinneret(1985), Triplet(1987), Deadman Switch(1988), Warhorse(1990); colls. Cascade Point(1986), Time Bomb(1988), Distant Friends(1992)
   Art of War, The  1997 MAR  na  has Star Wars novels, Heir to the Empire(1991; N-1991 SFC), Dark Force Rising(1992), The Last Command(1993; N-1993 SFC), Specter of the Past(1997); Conquerors ser., Conqueror's Pride(1994), ... Heritage(1995), ... Legacy(1996); The Icarus Hunt(1999)
Zamyatin, Yevgeny  Cave, The (Special Reprint Feature)  1969 FEB  ss  (1884-1937) 1st pub. in 1922, & in his coll. The Dragon: Fifteen Stories(1968); trans. by Mirra Ginsburg; also pub. fiction as Eugene Zamiatin, has novel We(1924 US) that "anticipated George Orwell's novel 1984"; exiled in 1931, died in poverty in Paris
Zangwill, Israel  Satan Mekatrig  1963 FEB  nv  (1864-1926) 1st pub. in his coll. They That Walk in Darkness: Ghetto Tragedies (1899; 1970); born in Bristol, U.K.; has books Children of the Ghetto(1893; 1972; 1977; 1998), Ghetto Trafedies, Ghetto Comedies, Dreamers of the Ghetto(?; 1970; 1990)
Zebrowski, George  Heathen God  1971 JAN  ss  (1945- ) N-1971 NEB, short story; working name for Jerzy Tadeuz Zebrowski; of Polish descent, born in Tyrol, Austria, but grew up in England, NY, & Miami; now living in Binghampton, NY, w. writer Pam Sargent; teaches course in sf at State Univ. of NY
   Author's Afterword to "Heathen God"  1971 JAN  aw  explains his story in religious terms, & how sf can treat the concept of God; a Clarion Writers' Workshop graduate; 1st story pub. sf "The Water Sculptor of Station 233" in Robert Hoskins(ed): Infinity One(1970); editor of SFWA Bulletin, 1970-75
   Books  1974 JUL  br  Stanislaw Lem: The Invincible, & Memoirs Found in a Bathtub; Zebrowski has coll. The Monadic Universe(1977; exp. 1985); has Omega Point seq., incl. his 1st novel, The Omega Pont(1972), Ashes and Stars(1977), rev. w. 3rd part, The Omega Point Trilogy(1983)
   Books: International Science Fiction  1977 AUG  br  Stanislaw Lem: The Cyberiad, The Star Diaries, The Futurological Congress, The Investigation, & Mortal Engines; Donald A. Wollheim(ed): The Best from the Rest of the World; Sakyo Komatsu: Japan Sinks; Herbert W. Franke: The Mind Net, & Zone Null
   Books  1979 JUL  br  Stanislaw Lem: The Chain of Chance, & A Perfect Vacuum; Dmitri Bilenkin: The Uncertainty Principle; Arkady & Boris Strugatsky: Roadside Picnic & Tale of the Troika, Noon: 22nd Century, Prisoners of Power, & Definitely Maybe; Kirill Bulychev: Half a Life
   Word Sweep, The  1979 AUG  ss  has juvenile story Adrift in Space(1974 chap; vt Adrift in Space and Other Stories, 1979); anth. Tomorrow Today(1975), Human-Machines(1975, w. Thomas N. Scortia), Faster Than Light(1976, w. Jack Dann); edited The Best of Thomas N. Scortia(1981)
   Books  1981 APR  br  Lem: Tales of Pirx, & Return from the Stars; Strugatskys': The Ugly Swans, Far Rainbow, The Second Invasion from Mars, & The Snail on the Slope; Beliaev: Professor Dowell's Head; Shefner: The Unman & Kourigin's Chronicles; Hennebergs': The Green Gods; etc
   Books: International Science Fiction  1982 MAR  br  Alexei N. Tolstoy: Aelita; Ivan Yefremov: Andromeda; Arkady & Boris Strugatsky: Space Apprentice, & Beetle in the Anthill; Michel Jeury: Chronolysis; Victor Kolupaev: Hermit's Swing; Richard D. Nolane(ed): Terra SF
   Gödel's Doom  1986 MAR  ss  1st pub. in Popular Computing 1985 FEB; story based on philosophy of math, G.Z. says "SF is supposed to be a literature of ideas, but most of the time the ideas are merely superficial conceits"; has ya novels The Firebird(1979), A Silent Shout(1979)
   Behind the Night  1987 APR  ss  has ya Bernal One ser., The Stars Will Speak(1984), Sunspacer(1984), combined to form The Sunspacers Trilogy(1996); novel The Star Web(1974), rev., became 1st 3rd of Stranger Suns(1991); novel Macrolife(1979), is his most highly regarded work(Clute)
   Jumper  1988 APR  ss  has anth. Nebula Awards 20-22(1986-1989), Synergy #1-4(1987-1989); novel w. Charles Pellegrino, The Killing Star(1995; N-1996 LOC); w. Pamela Sargent, Star Trek: A Fury Scorned(1996), & Star Trek: Heart of the Sun(1997); novel Brute Orbit(1998)
Zelazny, Roger  Rose for Ecclesiastes, A  1963 NOV  nv  (1937-1995) N-1964 HUG, short fiction; born in Cleveland, OH; has BA in English; MA from Columbia Univ. in 1962; a claims examiner for the Social Security Administration from 1962-69; 1st story pub. sf "Passion Play" in AMZ 1962 AUG
   Salvation of Faust, The  1964 JUL  vi  has used ps. Harrison Denmark in AMZ & FAN in 1963; full time writer since 1969; has colls. Four for Tomorrow(1967), The Doors of His Face, ...(1971), The Last Defender of Camelot(1980; exp. 1981), Unicorn Variations(1983; W-1984 BRG, LOC)
   Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth, The  1965 MAR  nv  W-1965 NEB, nv; N-1966 HUG, shfi; has the land of Amber ser., novels Nine Princes in Amber(1970), The Guns of Avalon(1972), Sign of the Unicorn(1975), The Hand of Oberon(1976), The Courts of Chaos(1978), featuring Corwin; see his entry in CANR, vol.60
   Of Time and the Yan  1965 JUN  vi  Amber ser. of novels, featuring Corwin's son Merlin, Trumps of Doom(1985), Blood of Amber(1986), Sign of Chaos(1987), Knight of Shadows(1989), & Prince of Chaos(1991); Amber books, coll. A Rhapsody in Amber(1981), R.Z.'s Visual Guide to Castle Amber(1988)
   ... And Call Me Conrad  1965 OCT  no-1/2  W-1966 HUG; N-1966 NEB, novel; "a ruined, dying Earth & the dreams & struggles of man and mutant and alien for its legacy"; has novel The Dream Master(AMZ 1965 JAN-FEB as "He Who Shapes"; W-1966 NEB; exp. 1966 as novel The Dream Master)
   ... And Call Me Conrad  1965 NOV  no-2/2  setting is a mysterious & radioactive post-holocaust Greece in the far future; pub. in an expanded form as This Immortal(1966); has Francis Shadow ser. Isle of the Dead(1969; W-1972 Apollo), To Die in Italbar(1973); Creatures of Light and Darkness(1969)
   This Moment of the Storm  1966 JUN  nv  N-1966 NEB; 1967 HUG; has novels Damnation Alley(1969; 1977 movie), Today We Choose Faces(1973), Deus Irae(1976) w. Philip K. Dick, Doorways in the Sand(1976), Roadmarks(1979), Eye of Cat(1982); Coils(1982) & The Black Throne(1990) with Fred Saberhagen
   Dawn  1967 APR  nv  1st story in the Buddha series, part of novel, Lord of Light(1967; N-1967 NEB; W-1968 HUG, novel); a sequel, also part of this novel, to be pub. in 1967 JUN; has fixup novel, My Name Is Legion(1976) which incl. "Home Is the Hangman," W-1975 NEB; 1976 HUG
   Death and the Executioner  1967 JUN  nv  2nd & last story in Buddha series, part of novel Lord of Light(1967): "some of the crew of a colony ship, after dropping off colonists ... make use of advanced technology to esconce themselves in role of (Hindu) gods," the protagonist Sam as Buddha(Clute)
   Jack of Shadows  1971 JUL  no-1/2  N-1972 LOC; "on a world in which one side always faces the sun, a thief named Jack from the darkside(where magic reigns) goes to the lightside(where science reigns) to find out why the two sides are so different; pub. book form in 1971; rvw. F&SF 1972 APR
   Jack of Shadows  1971 AUG  no-2/2  has colls. The Illustrated R.Z.(1978), Frost and Fire(1989); novels A Night in the Lonesome October(1993); collab. on novels with Sheckley, Bester, Gerald Hausman, Thomas T. Thomas, & on anth. w. Greenberg; Donnerjack(1997), Lord Demon(1999) w. Lindskold
   Three Descents of Jeremy Baker, The  1995 JUL  ss  N-1996 LOC, ss; 1st pub. in VB Tech Journal, 1995 JUN; see iv's in AMZ 1984 JUL, LOC 1991 OCT(#369); The Leading Edge #27 1993(ar), #29 1994, #31 1995; Absolute Magnitude 1994 FLL/WIN; obit/tributes in LOC 1995 JUL & AUG(#414-5), ASI 1996 MAR
Zhuraleva, Valentina  Starlight Rhapsody  1964 JAN  ss  (1933- ) listed incorrectly in issue as by Zhuraleva Valentina; trans. into English by Donald J. Harlow(1st pub. in Russia, & in Swedish mag. Norda Prismo); Zhuraleva's an engineer & sf writer; has coll. w. Genrikh Altov, Ballad of the Stars(trans. 1982)

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