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Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
1958 MAY  Dollens, M.S.  (1920-1994) illus. Night on Titan from "The Comedian's Children" by Theodore Sturgeon; Morris Scott Dollens, his only cover for VSF
1957 JAN  Emsh  (1925-1990) illus. "Virgin Planet" by Poul Anderson; working name for Ed(mund) Emshwiller, he did 8 covers for VSF
1957 MAY     cover illustrates "Space Is a Lonely Place" by James E. Gunn
1957 JUL     cover illustrates "Aces Loaded" by Theodore R. Cogswell
1957 SEP     cover illustrates "Executioner No. 43" by Rog Phillips
1957 NOV     cover illustrates "It Opens the Sky" by Theodore Sturgeon
1958 JAN     cover illustrates "The End of Winter" by William Scarff (ps. for Algis Budrys)
1958 MAR     cover illustrates "The Edge of the Sea" by Algis Budrys
1958 JUL     cover illustrates "Lady of Space" by Lester del Rey
1957 MAR  Shelton, Dick  illus. "The Queer Ones" by Leigh Brackett; Shelton's only cover for VSF
1969 MAY  Tanner, Bert  illus. "Hour of the Horde", novel by Gordon R. Dickson; Tanner is VSF's Art Director; he did 6 covers for VSF; he also did 11 covers for F&SF
1969 AUG     cover illustrates "The League of Grey-eyed Women", novel by Julius Fast
1969 NOV     cover illustrates "Plague Ship", novel by Harry Harrison
1970 FEB     cover illustrates "The Star Treasure", novel by Keith Laumer
1970 MAY     cover illustrates "Hijack", novel by Edward Wellen
1970 AUG     cover illustrates "Beastchild", novel by Dean R. Koontz

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