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Anderson, Poul  Virgin Planet  1957 JAN  na  (1926-2001) expanded into a novel, Virgin Planet(1959)
   Cold Victory  1957 MAY  ss 
   For the Duration  1957 SEP  ss 
   Game of Glory, The  1958 MAR  nv  1st & only story in VSF in his Captain Dominic Flandry series
Anvil, Christopher  Basic  1969 NOV  ss  (1922- ) 1st & only story in VSF in Vaughan Roberts series; ps. for Harry C. Crosby Jr; 1st story pub. "Cinderella, Inc." in IMG, in 1952; has Pandora or Centra series & Interplanetary Patrol series in ASF
Asimov, Isaac  Dust of Death, The  1957 JAN  ss  (1920-1992) this story was at first in the Wendell Urth series, was rejected by F&SF, was revised by Asimov, eliminating Urth, then was accepted by VSF; this story appears in his coll. Asimov's Mysteries (1968) with the other Urth stories
   I'm in Marsport Without Hilda  1957 NOV  ss 
   Science: Fecundity Limited!  1958 JAN  ar  (1920-1992) dangers of overpopulation
   Science: Atmosphere of the Moon, The  1958 MAR  ar  density of the moon's atmosphere (a further note, incl. data on Earth's upper atmosphere from Sputnik, on p.130)
   Big Bang (Science)  1958 MAY  ar  the big bang, "neutronium" - a hypothetical substance made up of neutrons squeezed together into contact
   Buy Jupiter!  1958 MAY  ss 
   Science: Clash of Cymbals, The  1958 JUL  ar  colliding galaxies, in particular, two that are in the constellation Cygnus, & the results of such collisions(anti-matter, for one)

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