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Edwards, F.E.  Bradbury on Screen: A Saga of Perseverance  1969 AUG  ar  (1928- ) on Bradbury's movie of his book, The Illustrated Man(coll.1951; movie 1968); ps. for William F. Nolan
Eisenberg, Larry  Hold Your Fire!  1969 MAY  ss  (1919- ) 1st story in VSF biochemist Emmett Duckworth series
   Project Amnion  1969 AUG  vi 
   IQ Soup  1969 NOV  vi  2nd story Emmett Duckworth series, aka "Duckworth's IQ Soup"; many stories from this series pub. in his coll. The Best Laid Schemes(1971)
   Orgy, The  1970 AUG  ss 

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