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Knight, Damon  Enemy, The  1958 JAN  ss  (1922-2002)
Koontz, Dean R.  Dragon in the Land  1969 AUG  ss  (1945- ) 1st story pub. "Kittens" for Readers & Writers, in 1966
   Beastchild  1970 AUG  na  the Naoli had nearly destroyed the human race, with some survivors holding out; Hulann, a Naoli archaeologist, battles with guilt over the war; N-1971 Hugo Award, best novella(the only story in VSF put up for an award)
Kornbluth, C.M.  Education of Tigress Macardle, The  1957 JUL  ss  (1923-1958) Cyril M. Kornbluth
   Virginia  1958 MAR  ss 
   Two Dooms  1958 JUL  na 

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