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Marner, Robert  There Ain't No Other Roads  1958 MAR  ss  (1931- ) ps. for Algis Budrys
   World Named Mary, A  1958 MAY  ss 
McIntyre, V.N.  Breaking Point  1970 FEB  ss  (1948- ) 1st pub. story? - Clute has her 1st sf as being "Only at Night in" in Wilson(ed): Clarion(1971); Vonda N(eel) McIntyre, writer & geneticist
Miller, Walter M. Jr  Vengeance for Nikolai  1957 MAR  nv  (1922-1996)
Miller, Walter M. Jr & Lincoln Boone  Corpse in Your Bed Is Me, The  1957 MAY  ss  (1922-1996; ? - ? )
Mills, Robert P.  Venturings  1957 JAN  ed  (1920-1986) introduction to this issue's stories
   Venturings  1957 MAR  ed  introduction to this issue's stories
   Venturings  1957 MAY  ed  introduction to this issue's stories; James E. Gunn & Marion Zimmer Bradley on their stories
   Afternotes  1957 MAY  note  noting reader reponse to the stories so far published in VSF
   Venturings  1957 JUL  ed  introduction to this issue's stories, "Sturgeon's Law"(see p.78, in his book review); James E. Gunn & Paul Janvier(Budrys) on their stories
   Venturings  1957 SEP  ed  intro. to VSF drawing of "Venchy", next issue's planned stories, Avram Davidson winning EQMM ss contest with "The Necessity of His Condition"
   Venturings  1957 NOV  ed  intro. to Sturgeon's story; Edmond Hamilton & wife Leigh Brackett on their stories based on opposing basic viewpoints
   Venturings  1958 JAN  ed  on the launching of Sputnik, the 1st man-made satellite; on Isaac Asimov's 1st science essay in VSF; Algis Budrys on his story
   Venturings  1958 MAR  ed  intro. to Poul Anderson's story next issue; Alfred Bester on "science fiction is aging"; Isaac Asimov - Sputnik's data on Earth's upper atmosphere
   Venturings  1958 MAY  ed  Poul Anderson's last VSF story, & story "The Trader and the Vikings" in 1st issue of Jack London's Adventure Mag.; Judith Merril, reply to sf's "aging"(see #63)
   Venturings  1958 JUL  ed  announcing deaths of Henry Kuttner & C.M. Kornbluth; eulogies by Frederik Pohl (for C.M. Kornbluth), & by Theodore Sturgeon (for Henry Kuttner)
Morrissey, Doug  New Moon  1958 JAN  nv 

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