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Peck, Richard E.  In Alien Waters  1969 NOV  ss  (1936- ) his 1st pub. story; writer, critic & prof. of English at Temple Univ.(Philadelphia)
Phillips, Rog  Executioner No. 43  1957 SEP  ss  (1909-1965) working name for Roger Phillips Graham
   Ground Leave Incident  1958 MAY  nv 
Piper, H. Beam  Keeper, The  1957 JUL  nv  (1904-1964) Horace Beam Piper; story is part of his Terro-Human Future History or Federation series, & is in his coll. Empire(1981)
Pronzini, Bill & Jeffrey Wallmann  Evergreen Library, The  1970 MAY  ss  (1943- ; 1941- ) Bill Pronzini working name for William Pronzini, sf, horror, western & mystery writer & anthologist

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