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A Scientist's Notebook — Gregory Benford
2004     Assisting the Sun: Beamed Power In Space
2003     Last Things
2002     Living In An Eleven-Dimensional World
  Real Robots
  A Cyborged World (with Elisabeth Malartre)
  The Coming of the Cyborgs (with Elisabeth Malartre)
2001     Pascal's Pascal's Terrible Silence
  Pascal's Terror
2000     Science, Self, and the Sense of Godhood
  Risks and Realities
  When Technology Fails
  Sunshine Technopolis
  Living in Space (with George Zebrowski)
  Skylife (with George Zebrowski)
1999     Expecting The Unexpected
  Sending Meaning Across Epochs
  The Long Future
  Future Wonders
  The Teeth of Time
1998     A Portrait of Humanity
  Vaults In Vacuum

Science — Ben Bova
2001     Sex in Space

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