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September 2003
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Editorial - September 2003
by Gordon Van Gelder

THERE HAS been a lot going on around here, and it's well past time for me to bring you up to date on all the recent news.

First item is that we've finally got a message board on the Web, thanks to the good people at Night Shade Books. The URL for the site is, or just go to our Website ( and follow the link there. The message board has been up for several weeks already, and it has been great for discussing specific stories (or for trying to locate old and half-remembered stories) and for arguing about movies.

We're also using the message board to spread the word about things like the fact that our June issue shipped late to subscribers (sorry about that, folks), so if you have computer access and you've got a question about the magazine, the message board is a good place to start.

In other news, we've got a new foreign edition of F&SF. We've struck a deal with the Israeli Society for SF and Fantasy to reprint some of our stories in the magazine The Tenth Dimension. We're delighted to add them to our other sister publications—we have editions in Russia, Japan, and Sweden—and we hope to close deals soon in a couple of other countries. Dotan Dimet edits The Tenth Dimension, and, while I can't claim to read Hebrew even when the vowels are in place, I can say that his story selections have been very impressive. You can find info on the magazine online at

We also have a new edition here in the U.S. This year has begun publishing audio editions of F&SF, and the results thus far have been terrific. Audible understands that the readers bring as much to the stories as the writers themselves do, and they use a team of veterans, including Stefan Rudnicki and a fellow named Harlan Ellison, whose voice might be familiar to some of our readers. These audio editions are great for anyone who drives a lot, or (to point out the obvious) anyone who enjoys hearing a good story. Check them out at

We've got a big bibliography of F&SF's first fifty years in the works, and I'm hopeful that we'll have it up on our Website by the time this issue is in print. We'll do our best to keep you up to date on changes and other news as it happens around here.


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